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  1. The upper lines mean that there is an empty bed, empty because the men are not to be seen,meaning that the soldiers got killed someplace and their bodies were not found. Underneath there are the names of places of great fights in the History of Greece. On the other side not seen in the photo there is a line that says For important men everywhere on earth it is their tomb.
    The Evzoni or Tsoliades were important military forces in the Greek war history and nowadays it is a group of very imporatnt guards of the President of Democracy and it is a great honour to ne a tsolias.Ariadne from Greece

    • Adriadne, thank you SO much for your wonderful explanation – I loved reading your comment and finding out a little bit more about the Evzoni/Tsoliades and the tomb of the unknown soldier. My Greek travels are some of my most favourite memories, and have to say it is my favourite ‘nation’ to date … I love the food, the history, the culture. Many friends have complained that Athens is too dirty and busy – when I visited Athens (on my own) I loved it so much I ended up extending my hotel stay by another couple of nights! I always hope that one day I’ll get to return again and see some more of the islands (so far I’ve only been to Santorini, Kos, Naxos and a brief visit to Pserimos) – I love, love, love Greece! 😀

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