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Trip to The Ribbon Rose

This visit home was quite rushed, so Mum and I only had chance to visit one shop while I was there, and that was on the afternoon immediately after I arrived (after getting to bed at 2.30am yikes) – we went to The Ribbon Rose in Ellerslie, and I was VERY pleasantly surprised to see it was now twice the size it used to be, and has the best range of threads I’ve seen in New Zealand!  I was originally going to do a quick drive-by on the way to The Embroiderer in Birkenhead, but we ended up spending all our time in just the one shop checking out every room, and every nook and cranny – and we ran out of time to head over the bridge to go to Birkenhead. 

I asked if I could take a few photos of the various rooms at The Ribbon Rose, so I could show you what a little treasure it is now – I did forget to take a photo of the fabric and quilting rooms, though!  The great thing about the line of threads that they carry is that they carry the ENTIRE range of colours – most shops over here carry the odd colour or five of most lines, but you VERY rarely find one that has the whole range (I remember years ago having a disagreement with another shop owner in Auckland that, yes, there were more Mill Hill bead colours – just because that’s all you stock doesn’t mean that’s all that exists – and because you won’t order the stock in, ‘cos it’s apparently non-existent, I’ll find another supplier … ah, memories! – The scary thing about the internet is that often you can be more knowledgeable than some shop owners – it’s nice to find a shop that’s as up to date as you are!).  Anyway, if you’re ever in the Ellerslie area in Auckland, I definitely suggest you take a trip out there, it’s worth it!

The Ribbon Rose entrance and counter 18Feb10

The Ribbon Rose leading to the kits room 18Feb10

The Ribbon Rose main threads room 18Feb10

The Ribbon Rose threads galore 18Feb10

The Ribbon Rose tapestry and kits room 18Feb10

The Ribbon Rose ribbons room 18Feb10

The Ribbon Rose beading room 18Feb10

The Ribbon Rose beads galore 18Feb10

The next time I fly over in October, I’m going to find out what classes are on – there are some beading classes on regularly, and some of the projects are seriously drool-worthy!!! 😀

I ended up flying home earlier than expected today thanks to high loadings on the flights – because I have to travel on standby, it was safer to take an earlier flight that still had seats showing available than getting stuck and not being able to get home (tomorrow’s flights look dreadful too, and that was my back-up travel day) … but at least I have chance now to have a good sleep and catch up on missing zzzzzzz’s, and I then have the day off tomorrow (instead of travelling) to do my washing for the week, yippee … that also means I just might have time to fit in a spot of stitching as well, although I may just do that this afternoon to keep me awake until a reasonable hour to fall over into a deep slumber!

Last but not least, I was asked by Mum why I haven’t been uploading my Scenic Sunday, Blue Monday and Ruby Tuesday p0sts, as she’s missing them.  So, to please The Dragon, I’ll try to remember to keep up-t0-date with them again from now on … starting with a Scenic Sunday post shortly 😀

But before I find a Scenic Sunday post, here are a couple of photos of Mum and Dad’s fruit trees (Feijoas, Plums and Lemons) that I really miss having in my backyard (especially having a lemon tree right near your back door) – alas, it was too soon for the Feijoa season … these are only little baby fruit 😦




6 thoughts on “Trip to The Ribbon Rose”

  1. That shop is awesome, I would love to be able to spend hours there among the threads. I know what you mean about people who try to tell you that something doesn’t exist because they don’t stock it, I had a woman in Le Bon Marche tell me that DMC no longer made no 8 perle cotton, which is truly pathetic.

  2. Oh Anne – that shop!!!!! My tongue is hanging out salivating on the keyboard…Wow – that shop and my credit card would be a very, very dangerous duo… Those gorgeous thread and beads and – I want some too!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!! I am glad you and J had some time to do something pleasurable before getting to the serious end of your visit…

    Re: Our Meeting – Do you know I still look wistfully down that street as we pass it and think “Anne lived down there”… What fun we might have had if we had known… Never mind it just wasn’t meant to be…

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