Sapphire Star Update

Alas, I probably won’t get too much further once I finish the outside border until my missing thread is ordered and arrives.  The only other blocks I can probably complete at this stage are ones that have long-ish satin stitches, and I’d rather leave those until the very last to make sure I don’t snag them.  In the meantime, though, I still have a wee bit of border left to go yet, so that’s OK.  Here’s the progress as I left it last night:

Laura J Perin-Sapphire Star 05Feb10

I must say, though, I have got a SERIOUS case of startitis … I have a major urge to start many different designs at the moment, all relatively small ones though – I’m quite honestly thinking of giving myself the rest of the month to just pick and choose and start what the heck I like … I’ve opted to have a low-key birthday this year and not celebrate (to be honest, my mind is more on the sadness of the memorial service and not my birthday beforehand) … so perhaps this can be my birthday treat to myself – and on that note, I just may spend the rest of the weekend throwing fabric and threads together and kitting a few things up 😀

In the meantime, though, I have to now hit the road and drive my elderly neighbour to a travel agent … long story, but this is certainly the better option than the alternative 😉

I also haven’t decided yet whether to bother doing the Photo Hunt today … the theme of “average” leaves me feeling … well … “Average” 😛

10 thoughts on “Sapphire Star Update

  1. Your ‘star’looks very beautiful… I wish I was there to give you a hug ((()))) Anne… I think at times we all need to stand back and give ourselves some reflective time… I have gone into overwhelm aas I have realised that I just have too much stuff not only stitching stuff but books etc… Part of me likes it all another part of me absolutely hates it all – not the stuff itself but the mess associated with not having enough room or enough time to dedicate to it….I can’t really cope with it at the moment but I have put myself on a stash diest for at least a little while… Perhaps I have become like Midus and unlike him – I need to apprecaite what I have rather than what I think want…

    The saddness you feel for E will lose some of its sting but you will always feel the loss no matter what time passes… Anne, I could offer you lots of words and some platitudes but they would seem meaningless to you at the moment… Just be tender with yourself and know that you too are thought about and loved…

    Take care

    Sharon (Melbourne)xxx

  2. Hugs from me too, Anne. If you haven’t already sent away for the thread you need, perhaps I can find it down here? Email me with the details and I’ll poke around in a couple of the better needlecraft shops here.

    • Thanks Gina – I’ve tried most of the Aussie online stores, and had no joy … unfortunately it’s a Rainbow Gallery thread, and they’re always really hard to find here – the last time I tried to order one through Dragonfly Dreams it took almost a year to arrive! There used to be a place in Glenelg, SA that had a huge selection of RG threads, but they’re no longer in the phone book, so presumably went out of business boohoo 😦 Anyway, if you find it I’ll love you forever 😛 It’s Rainbow Gallery Bravo in colour A28. Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Anne

    Sending hugs your way, think we should get together sooner rather than later! Let me know what’s good for you!

    Sapphire star is looking gorgeous!


  4. I think starting a bunch of new stuff or just kitting up some projects might be just the thing you need. I’m sorry about your friend – it’s never easy to say goodbye to a loved one. You are in my thoughts.

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