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Insert expletive here!

‘Cos it’s not appropriate that I print what I just uttered when I found out I’d miscounted in yesterday’s stitching session on Sapphire Star … and of course I had to find out after I’d almost filled in the top sections – only to find that I started the blocks about 7-8 rows too low.  Here’s how it looks right at the point that I found the mistake:

So that means I either have to fudge it by missing out the dark diamond above the main blue one (in the centre – not stitched yet), or I have to unpick the bottom block lines, along with the entire big centre blue block and move it down those 7-8 lines … oh crap 😦

Funnily enough my stitching urge just went out the window … I think I might read a book tomorrow instead 😛

15 thoughts on “Insert expletive here!”

  1. {{{Anne}}} – I’m so sorry 😦 – take a break from the piece, and then come back and frog it, and move on. What a bummer, though!

  2. *beeep* (what I would say in sympathy). I’d frog, because otherwise I’d never be really happy with it. And it is so ‘you’ colourwise – gorgeous colours 🙂

  3. Oh Anne! That is so terrible! I make do if it is just a few stitches that need to be worked around, but in this case, I would have to rip the stitches back to the “correct” point. Beautiful piece though!

  4. Ouch! I’m in the frogger camp too – and not because it’s someone else having to do it, no, been there, done that! The colours are just wonderful, by the way.

  5. Ugh. Sounds like you are going to have to frog; it’s a little too much to fudge and you’d never be happy with it. My advice is to get the frogging out of the way as quickly as possible and even try to force yourself to put a few of (re)stitches into it. Otherwise, you might never pick it up and work on it again. i ran into a really bad situation with an old WIP years ago. Picked it up after a year or more of not having worked on it, just to figure out that I had oriented the fabric in the wrong direction (it’s a printed cloth, so orientation did count). I had to frog the entire thing. it was far from pleasant, but I made myself sit down and do it as soon as I found it and then restart. It’s still a WIP, but only because I have been shying away from large projects for a while. It definitely helped my mojo to overcome that issue as soon as possible. Good luck! *hug*

  6. Oh geez. I have been there. Please don’t give up on this one, because it looks like it is going to be incredible! Give yourself a few days to take a break and then frog…or maybe work on the bottom part for a while and then go back and fix the top.

  7. Oh Anne you poor thing…Me being the pedantic – if not pathetic Virgo I I am would have to frog it… In saying that though I have a project that may never see the light of day because of the mistakes I have made… A part of me thinks I am just not cut out for doing cross stitch – I certainly get the ‘cross’ bit right… Now as for you – your work is beautiful and I can see you won’t settle until you have corrected it as the previous comments have said you will never be happy with it otherwise….

    All my love (and I will be there in spirit as you do the deed….)

    Sharon (Melbourne) xxxx

  8. oh poor you. That is the worst feeling. I hope you will not give up on this piece as it is truly gorgeous. Good luck with the frogging – maybe in small doses it won’t be so horrible?

  9. Oh no!!! I feel your pain though. And it’s probably a good time to take a little break from it…but not too long, or you’ll end up like me with a WIP with a mistake in it that’s several years old!!! It does look gorgeous though, and that center blue part is amazing!

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