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This new WIP will eventually be a gift for someone … and she reads my blog … and she’ll no doubt easily work out that it’s for her … but I still can’t resist sharing ‘cos otherwise I won’t have anything to show stitching-wise for a while!  Here’s as much stitching as I’ve managed the whole last week (it’s a repeat of something I stitched last year or the year before, I can’t remember which now) – the new skein of thread I have is a bit paler than my original one, but I think it’ll still work out OK … I hope so anway!

On the home front, Katie and I have been very virtuous by eating healthily all week, slugging back zero alcohol and replacing it with water, and we’ve been going walking most nights this week (tonight was a write-off thanks to lightning strikes and impending rain).  It was Katie’s boss’s wedding celebration today, and Katie baked an awesome white chocolate mud cake for her … we had the tiniest of slices to show our support but at the same time restraining that calorie intake … and we’re definitely feeling very very virtuous after all our efforts this week!!  Of course that means there’s been less time for stitching, but it’s all for a very very good cause … ‘cos eventually when I shift some of this weight, I’ll have more energy to stitch, which will probably mean MORE stitching!! 🙂

The other news is that this week at work we were told of a team restructure, along with the results delivered as a fait accomplis … no input from those of us who have been impacted, which is really shitty quite frankly.  I spoke up and said how I found the process itself extremely disappointing, and had to laugh to myself that we’re currently undergoing reviews of a staff engagement survey from last year and about to commence workshops on how to improve communication and engagement … well, duh, people … I wonder what will come us as a prime example of lack of communication and collaboration by people directly impacted!!!  Anyway, all-in-all there are pros and cons of the changes, and at the moment the pros are probably outweighing the cons … I’m hoping it will be a good change in the fact that I will have more of an opportunity to grow and build new skills in the project management arena (I’ll be in the “project team”), and I no longer have to try to juggle lots of ‘operational’ work every day as well, but rather can focus on one type of role (albeit it by taking on more project work than I currently do) … time will tell how things will progress at work, but it sure as hell can’t be any worse than it currently is!!! :/

Anyhoo, tonight I’m about to catch up on a spot of blog reading … I still haven’t caught up since my Christmas trip, and I’d really love to get that blog feed back down to zero so I can keep on top of things weekly again … I’m tempted to hit the “mark all feeds as read”, but scared I’ll miss something exciting and important! 😛

In saying that, it’s time to head over to FeedDemon to see what lovely treats you have written and displayed photos of to tempt me … 😀

4 thoughts on “New WIP”

  1. Good luck with the restructuring at work. I’m a Project Manager myself, and I love Project Management, so I’m all for encouraging people in that area!

    Yay! for doing so well on your diet!

  2. Oh I love all this “we will have great communications with this new plan, and by the way, we have restructured everyone for the millionth time”! I hope it all works out for you, and you’re not under as much pressure as you have been. Great work with the walking, hope the weather cooperates with you next week.

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