First finish for 2010 & Snapperland

Well, I have gone as far as I can with Summer Snapperland – the stitching was completed last night, and now I have to sit and wait for the buttons and snaps to arrive so it can be ‘finish-finished’ … then I will throw it place it gently into the framing pile for a few months time when I can hopefully afford to order some more frames and mattboards πŸ™‚

Summer Snapperland whole

Summer Snapperland 15jan10

After I finished the stitching of Summer Snapperland last night, I pulled out a Christmas ornie I started stitching in about November time, and did a couple of stitches in when I was in Auckland at Christmas … I figured enough was enough, time to get it finished, as it’s only a wee thing – and sure enough two episodes of Dawson’s Creek later and it was all finished … FINALLY an actual “finish” for the year πŸ˜›

JBW Designs-Christmas Keepsakes II Tiny Motif Tree
“Tiny Motif Tree” from Christmas Keepsakes II by JBW Designs
Stitched 2 over 2 on 32ct natural Belfast linen
with WDW Garnet and GAST Dried Thyme
Stitch count 41W x 45H

22 thoughts on “First finish for 2010 & Snapperland

  1. Lovely finish! I was going to stitch this one up in the summertime to go along with the Winter Snapperland i’m stitching now. I’m not fond of the Spring/Autumn ones though.

  2. Anne, it’s so good to be in touch with you again. I love your Summer SNapperland, which I have in my stash (along with winter, spring, and fall – none even started)! You really have made it look extra special, and the fabric is gorgeous with it!

    I also love the JBW ornament. I love everything they design, but you’ve always made everything look better than the models.

  3. Oh my! That snapperland is beautiful! I’m going to have to get that one myself – it’s got my favorite theme! Congratulations on your finish!

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