9 thoughts on “Blue Monday

  1. Gorgeous photo, I’m glad you identified the bird for me though!! I often heard kookaburra’s when visiting my sister in Oz but never saw one up close.
    Happy New Year from Normandy

    • Thanks Sally – I have to apologise ‘cos I’ve been doing the Blue Monday meme for a few weeks now, but keep forgetting to pop on over and let you know πŸ™‚ I love this meme, thanks for creating it πŸ˜€

      Anne S

  2. What a wonderful picture. I’ve heard of but never before seen a kookaburra. Thanks for sharing your photo with us. Have a great Blue Monday. Enjoy 2010 – may it bring you health, happiness and prosperity.

  3. So that’s what a Kookaburra looks like! I have a friend in Australia and she told me they were super funny looking! I work in an Elementary school and we sing the Kookaburra song all the time. Finally nice to see one!
    Happy Blue Monday and Happy New year too! Sherri : )

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