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2009 Finishes & 2010 Goals

Instead of providing my usual list of finishes for the year, I decided to follow Su’s lead and provide a montage of photos of this year’s finishes – thanks to Picnik and Webshots for making this so much easier to do!  I’m just missing one Christmas ornie that for love nor money will not display, so I ended up leaving it off …


Here are my goals for 2010, a little bit expanded from my previous thoughts – I’ve been mulling things over the last couple of days, and figure I might as well chuck them into the mix:

  1. Complete at least 3 of my existing WIP/UFO projects (Works in Progress/UnFinished Objects)
  2. Complete at least 10 of my kitted up projects (or charts I already own)
  3. Complete at least 12 Christmas ornaments
  4. Complete the finishing of at least 12 items – either by framing them or doing the actual finishing (excludes Christmas ornaments)
  5. Send at least 6 RAK’s (Random Acts of Kindness) ‘just because’
  6. De-stash my old charts/books – either via Ebay or giving them away
  7. Join the New South Wales Embroiderers Guild
  8. Start at least one EGA correspondence class project (please note I didn’t say “finish” here LOL)
  9. Comment more regularly again on all your blogs – after all, we all need encouragement every now and then 🙂

OK, I think that does me for the year – hopefully the goals aren’t too lofty and I’m able to meet the challenge.

I’m currently working on getting my first finish for 2010 completed, which will be Bent Creek’s Summer Snapperland – so far I’ve managed to complete two blocks yesterday evening, and made a start on the third block.  I’m about to have my shower and settle into my stitching chair for a while, so hopefully that means seeing the finish of block #3 today, as it has a lot less stitching than the other blocks 😀

16 thoughts on “2009 Finishes & 2010 Goals”

  1. Wow, what a fantastic stitching year you have had. Everything is sooo pretty!!

    You sure have a lot of stitching planned for 2010. I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun achieving your goals.

  2. You’ve had a fabulous stitching year! Your finishes are gorgeous! My stitching this year was only a small fraction of what you did… Maybe I’ll do better this year. 😉 Best of luck with your goals for this year.

  3. Wonderful show of finishes, just look at how much you’ve done! Happy New Year, Anne, and thanks for the fireworks pictures, they’re gorgeous!

  4. What a great overview of your lovely work Anne! You have been busy, and I admire so much your to do list for 2010! I am going to follow your lead and try for 3 WIP finishes…maybe you could give me a nudge from time to time, to keep me on track!!

    Have a great New Year.


  5. What a wonderful review of all your stitching in the past year. You have accomplished a lot and can be very proud of it.
    I wish all the best of luck with your goals for 2010.

  6. You have had a great year of stitching Anne…I have enjoyed following your blog. All the best for 2010. I look forward to seeing you stitching this year 🙂

  7. Great stitching year in 2009! Wishing you another fantastic and happy one in 2010 {hugs} Pokua

  8. Your output of stitching simply blows me away!!! And it is all so beautifully executed. I think you should achieve this year’s goals, but only if you don’t have a nervous breakdown at work! I thought of you immediately I heard about the computer system crashing at Christmas. You poor girls and guys must have been tearing your hair out…

    1. Thanks Gina – very kind words as always. Hope you don’t mind, but I removed my employer’s name from the comment, as I prefer to keep that personal 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful 2010 sweet Gina – hope to catch up with you at some stage in Melbourne on my return visit 🙂 Hugs, Anne x

  9. You’ve done a whole lot of stitching in the past year! I’m so jealous. 🙂 Well done and I hope that 2010 is full of hope, promise and joy for you! *hug*

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