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A bit of stitching

WOW, did you see the snow in Sydney yesterday?  Yep, I caused so many miracles yesterday, I even made it snow!  The first miracle was that I actually put needle to fabric and did a few stitches on Saturday … and in the end, more than a few, by the time last night came around!

Unfortunately my poor Mirabilia Mermaid has been neglected, and my stitching slump has seen my 10-hour rotation slot dragged out across two entire months … here’s the progress over the last two months – just pitiful!  First up on the left is how she looked on 31 October – followed by how she looked a month later on 22 November:

Mirabilia-Enchanting Mermaid 31Oct09   Mirabilia-Enchanted Mermaid WIP 22Nov09

And now, how I left her before I put her away on Saturday night – I figure I’ve pretty much completed my 10 hours stitching on her, and fingers crossed the next time I pick her up my stitching mojo will have returned a bit more and I’ll get a few more stitches done in my next 10 hours!


After I put her away, I managed to get a LOT more stitching done on Bent Creek’s Summer Snapperland – I’m really loving stitching on this one, although I’m not overly keen on the fabric, as it’s quite ‘stretchy’ on my scrollrods.  I do, however, really love the colour (the 2nd photo is a lot nearer the actual colour as I took that this morning in semi-daylight), and think it’s a much better choice than the ugly one recommended in the chart.  I can’t guarantee this one will be finished in 2009, as I’ll be pretty close to my 10 hours on it soon – I figure, though, that I’ll keep working on it a bit longer, as so far I’m really enjoying it … I’ll probably stop after completing both of the ‘boxes’ on the right … maybe 🙂

Bent Creek-Summer Snapperland 20Dec09

Bent Creek-Summer Snapperland 20Dec09 a

I haven’t quite met my stitching goals this year, in the fact that I have only stitched 10 out of planned 12 ornies … but who knows, maybe I can squeak in a couple of quick ones before the year’s end, heck I have a whole week left to do it in! LOL – yeah, sure … maybe not.

I think my goals this year were relatively realistic, and were as follows:

  1. Complete at least 3 of my existing WIP/UFO projects (Works in Progress/UnFinished Objects) – DONE – Completed 5 projects 🙂
  2. Complete at least 10 of my kitted up projects – DONE – Completed 11 projects 🙂
  3. Complete at least 12 Christmas ornaments – FAILED – Completed 10 out of 12 as at 21Dec09 😦

Next year I think I’ll keep the same goals, as they seemed to give me the freedom to stitch what I wanted to stitch, with a mix of both new and old projects … and I probably would have met the final goal if I’d been stitching as ‘normal’ over the last two months. 

It has to be said, though, that any amount of stitching that gets some actual stitches into fabric is a positive year, all-in-all, and I’ve had some pretty decent finishes over the course of the year, even if the last two months has seen a major decline in stitching action 😀

4 thoughts on “A bit of stitching”

  1. Great WIPs, but I just loooove the Snapperland! The 4 seasonal series are in my stash completely untouched, and summer is my favourite one of the lot – I’m going to enjoy watching this!

  2. Isn’t it great when the stitching mojo comes back? You made some great progress on both your WIPs. They look fantastic. And congratulations on achieving your goals for this year.

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