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Blogaversary prize draw results

A thousand apologies, but I’ve been very lax in not drawing names out of a ‘hat’ earlier for the winners of my 4th Blogaversary prize draw.  I have finally pulled my finger out and can confirm that the following ladies are the winners of a beaded scissors fob made by yours truly, in a colour of their choice.

  1. Lesley
  2. Mel
  3. Paula D
  4. Kathy A (hope you see this Kathy, as my email has bounced back)

Congrats ladies!  Two of you have the same preferred choice, but I should be able to whip a duplicate up (or close to it) 🙂

For anyone interested, I will shortly be adding the remaining items, plus a whole heap more of my fobs, to my ArtFire store shortly and it will then be open for business.  Unfortunately it takes me forever to load up one item, so it’ll be a while longer yet before that happens properly.  I originally starting setting up an Etsy store, then changed my mind after being charged US$6 just for adding the piccies – ArtFire don’t charge fees, so it’s much better for me if I don’t sell any! 😉

Fob Thumbnail

I intend the sale of the first 10 scissor fobs (assuming I actually manage to sell 10 of them!) to go towards a good cause.  I am going to donate the proceeds of the fob sales (not including the postage) to help out a fellow kind-hearted blogger, whose family is struggling with the medical costs of one sweet little fella.  Anyway, I’ll make a separate announcement as soon as the store has items available for sale!


Pay It Forward copy

As well as the blogaversary winners, I can also confirm that the following lovely ladies will be the recipients of a PIF from me some time during the next 12 months.  Thanks for the support ladies – I hope you’re not disappointed 😛

I’ll send an email shortly, as I’ll need to ensure I have a current mailing address for you all, and then I have the fun time of starting to choose what to make 🙂

3 thoughts on “Blogaversary prize draw results”

  1. Oh I am so excited!!!! I can’t believe I won. Thank you so very much. I accidentally left the s out of my email – Will send you an email in a minute!!!

    1. Yep, it came through just fine – look forward to finding something to stitch for you 😀 Although also very nervous as your stitching and finishing are so perfect! ;P Hugs, Anne xx

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