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RIP Graeme Ross

I was sorry to hear of the death of the designer and artist Graeme Ross this weekend – he was the creator of Ross Originals designs, and had an incredible designing talent.  If you want to read more about him and his life, feel free to wander over to the Ross Originals website for more information.  I personally adore his bird and wildlife designs.

One of my all-time favourite stitched pieces was a Ross Originals piece – this is one of my very first ever XS projects, stitched on 14ct Aida back in the days when I didn’t know anything called linen was in existence.  Here is my Ross Originals’ “Tiger” in all its magnificent glory.  Actually it looks like I scanned the piccie years ago, as I notice the right-hand side in particular is a bit cropped off – oops!

Tiger XS

I’ve always wanted to get this piece framed, and have never managed to get it done (in fact I’ve never managed to get much framed at all … I can probably count on one hand the number of XS pieces I’ve had framed) – but now I have a real urge to finally pull my finger out and get him finished.  I want to learn how to do my own framing, and this one will definitely be added high to the top of the pile to be done.  I’ve had a mat-cutter for years now, that I bought in the US at the Heart of XS shopping mall way back in 1999 – and I just bought the beginning kit for the staples and frame straps to start framing at our recent craft show in Sydney, but just need to buy some cut up pieces of frame ready to give it a go … I really do need to do this soon and start building up my confidence!

Of course, I still have two pieces in particular by Ross Originals that I still have to stitch – one that is currently sitting in UFO status, that I was stitching as a SAL with Carina (who has since disappeared off the face of the earth), and one that is very very high up the list of wanting to stitch.  Both of these are being stitched over-one … probably why the Macaw is currently sitting in UFO status!  Of the two pieces, my absolute favourite is the Rainbow Lorikeets piece – but I started the Macaw first, as that was the choice of Carina for us to stitch together.  Perhaps now that I’m not doing a SAL any longer I should just ditch the Macaw and get the Lorikeets done first – life’s too short … and I can always return to the Macaw again afterwards 🙂

Here’s the Macaw chart, along with my current pitiful progress where I left it a couple of years ago:

Ross Originals-Macaw Macaw by Ross Originals

And here’s the beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets chart – I just adore this one!

Ross Originals-Rainbow Lorikeets

The world has lost an exceptionally talented designer and stitcher – but his name will continue in the finished works of those of us who adore his designs.  RIP Graeme Ross!

12 thoughts on “RIP Graeme Ross”

  1. What sad news. He had such lovely designs and I always had q particular lking for the Aussie ones. He will be missed.

    Maybe I should hey that long time UFO White Tiger out of the cupboard.

  2. I didn’t know about Graeme Ross – I have one of his books (is there more than one?) and several of his charts. The first one I finished was of a Tiger Moth plane for Ken’s 60th birthday. It has incredible detail and took me ages, but Ken loved it! I recently bought his “Dingo” and “Kookaburra” charts, but when I took them out for a closer look, I put them back inside the pack very quickly – lol! They will have to wait for a long while I think..

  3. I was very fortunate to meet and get to know Graeme Ross as a wonderful, much loved Volunteer Tutor at Cairns TAFE. I had no idea until now how clever this wonderful gentleman was! I am in awe of his superb designs and feel very sad that I did not know how talented he was until now. Please get all your yet to be started Ross originals out of the cupboards. As you delight in the beauty that unfolds with every stitch, say a quiet “Thankyou” to the gifted creator and when you have finished, get it framed and hung with pride of place for everyone to admire! They are truly special pieces of art……….Graeme Ross was a truly special gentleman.

    1. Thanks for the comment Barb – funnily enough, I’ve just been online and ordered framing supplies to frame up my Tiger piece … I just hope I can do this piece justice! I’ve just put the ‘what I hope it will look like’ piccie on the blog. You’re very lucky to have had the chance to meet him in real life 🙂 Hugs, Anne

    1. Thanks so much for sharing – I enjoyed looking at his works in your album 😀 I just recently framed my completed Tiger piece, and still think it’s one of my absolute favourite finished pieces! Kind regards, Anne S

  4. It is very sad to lose such a talent by someone who could put such feeling into his designs. I have done the White Tiger, Jaguar, Rainbow Lorikeet,Green Tree Frog and Wren of his designs. I have done many other cross stitches over the years but have always gone back to Mr Ross’s patterns as they are so rewarding. You feel as if they are coming to life right before you. When I was doing the White Tiger, I felt his green eyes were always watching me. I am currently doing a design by Ginger Gouger Miller and when that is finished, I will be going onto either the Tiger or the Panther (he scaries me a little due to all the black and my eyes are not what they use to be. Ladies don’t be afraid, the end result is well worth it.

  5. I am wondering where we can purchase these patterns.’
    Like the rest, I feel for the loss of such a talent,. I stumbled across his designs and am working on a few.. I would also be interested in the white leopard ( snow) and a few others.. any idea of a source?

  6. Graeme is a great cross stitch designer! I’m from Cairns, so took delight stitching his Sheridan St a few years ago and am currently stitching Clydesdale. Certainly will be stitching his other animals, which I’ve got a few of, in the future! Sad to hear of his passing….does anyone know the details?

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