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Blue Monday & Just Nan Progress

First up is Sunday night’s progress on Just Nan’s Winter in the Square – this should be finished in another couple of nights, as the cross stitch is almost completed, then it just leaves the specialty stitches and backstitching to be done.  As more and more stitches get added, I’m remembering just why I fell in love with this piece in the first place 🙂

Just Nan-Winter in the Square 25Oct09


Here is my choice for this week’s Blue Monday – this is a rustic-looking urn I found while walking around Timbertown, near Port Macquarie, NSW. Once again, I’m not sure whether I’ll continue doing this meme, but I’ll give it a go for a couple of weeks 🙂

Blue Monday

2008 06 04_0579

9 thoughts on “Blue Monday & Just Nan Progress”

  1. Aaahhh I want to get these Just Nan seasonal squares because they are so stunning. I love watching your progression photos!
    Was getting Horrified done last night while watching season 2 of Bones, just need to get the backstitching done and it’s finished!

    I also have my box out to pick out what to stitch next. XD

  2. Your Winter in the Square has certainly progressed just from your last pic of it. Well Done. Seeing the Blue Jay reminded me to go right out and fill up the bird feeder and throw a bunch of peanuts out for the critters. The squirrels and the blue jays compete to see which species can snag the most!

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