A lot of illness and not much stitching…

Unfortunately when I was finishing off my Acorn Needlebook on Saturday, I was also fighting off a viral infection/flu-bug that had been kicking me for a couple of days last week.  On Sunday it hit me full force on the side of the head, and I spent 3 full days in bed either in my bedroom or on the sofabed in the lounge – a high fever and blinding headaches as well as a beautifully phlegmy chest and nasal congestion have put paid to any major stitching on my days off work … I hate being so sick you can’t even stitch! 😦

Today, though, I finally managed to stay upright all day, albeit in my stitching chair and not wandering around.  Still feel pretty grotty, but certainly not as bad as I have over the last few days.  I did, however, manage to get a little bit of stitching in today.  I forgot to take an ‘in progress’ photo of this piece that I started weeks ago, so you can’t see the minimal stitching I’ve actually managed, but I’ve now stitched as far as I can until a skein of Crescent Colours Cocoa Bean turns up … sorry, but the photography is really bad as I had my stitching light directly over it and it’s washed the colours out really badly.

LHN-Home of a Needleworker

Then I started on my next rotation slot (WIPs/UFOs), and picked up an old UFO and added a few beads, as well as doing a spot of unstitching of the satin stitch band ‘cos I’d miscounted the last time I touched it – 1 3/4 years ago sitting on the floor of my empty flat here while I was waiting for the removalists from hell to deliver my furniture days later than planned.  This is the “before” picture, but I won’t bother taking the “after” picture yet as there’s really not much to show aside from a few beads – with luck it won’t be long before you see the finished product – the way I’m feeling, I think I won’t be doing a great deal over the weekend, just taking it easy and continuing to recuperate and recharge the batteries again …  Hopefully then I can get a better photo!

Sweetheart Tree-Wildflowers Needleroll UFO

6 thoughts on “A lot of illness and not much stitching…

  1. Sorry you suffered this awful cold/flu, but I am impressed you were able to get any stitching done at all. Love your “ome” from LHN, hope the roof color shows up soon. Get well and good luck with the problem you had on the second piece, it is too pretty to leave undone. CJ ok;-)

  2. Glad to hear that you are on the mend-sounds a nasty bug or two that you had. I have the first chart-after seeing yours it might have to become a WIP soon……..

  3. Oh, you poor thing. I hope you are feeling much better soon. Home of Needlewoman is looking good. Your other piece looks like a Sweetheart Tree?
    Nice work – I’m a big fan of ST.

  4. Great stitching. Hope you are on the mend and feeling better. I’ve been flattened by flu this week too so I know how bad it is.

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