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Great day at work

Today’s been the third day in a row where things have been “mental busy”, and I’ve been pulled in a million directions … the project leader of a massive project we’re working on has been sick the last couple of days and not in the office so I’ve taken over a lot of the work and providing input to making big decisions etc … and I’ve thrived on it!  I got some incredible comments and feedback from the project manager saying that I’ve stepped up to the plate and exceeded all expectations, and the next project he gets he’s going to sit back and let me drive it and just have a weekly catch-up or provide help when I need it … feels pretty darned good!

I had a wee chat to this particular manager when I came back from holiday, as he’d (unbeknownst to me) been attending project meetings without me, so I was out of the loop – then when he needed me to step into the breach to assist I didn’t have the background knowledge to be able to assist.  I pulled him to one side and told him that I needed to be more involved, so that I can help take some work off his shoulders and to provide me with more enjoyment in my role … that little chat has really paid off, and I’ve certainly been thrown in amongst the pigeons over the last few days … and loved it!

It’s been so busy I’ve hardly had any time to ponder over “the feral one” – while the hours have been really long again the last two days, my enjoyment levels are through the roof – I work so much better under pressure … and being put into the position of having to make snap decisions and handle crises as they arise is probably one of my fortes.  That’s why I really loved the overnight shifts when I worked on the Hotline in Melbourne – many times it was just “you” on the desk when the “proverbial” hit the fan in, say, Frankfurt airport for a customer and you had to find a solution right then and there so the customer could board the aircraft … I really do miss that part of my old job 😦

Unfortunately, since a bit of restructuring happened about 6 months ago, nowadays the pressure is just from being overworked – but it’s more a challenge of the amount of work which is just draining and mind-sapping, it’s not a challenge where you are learning anything new or building your skills in any way, you’re just at the beck and call of the other sites and follow their instructions like a little lamb … gone are the days when we used to have a major input into decisions that are made, even though we are 3 levels higher in pay scale!  Probably one of the main reasons I’ve been so unhappy at work recently … I’m bored sh*tless because I’m not getting any mental challenges.

Even at home Mum used to comment all the time that I’m always having to try something new, be it crafts or whatever, ‘cos my mind always needs to be challenged – she still has the remnants of those many challenges in her garage at home ‘cos there are many craft supplies in there that didn’t make the cut once I got bored … silk fabric painting, fabric dyeing, basketweaving, glass painting etc … after a few sessions it was a case of “I’m bored now, what can I do next?……” – I’m not quite sure why I stuck to XS, but it’s the only craft that I picked up and never put down again – perhaps because I also did a number of classes in the early days as well, so I dabbled a little bit in hardanger, silk ribbon embroidery, stumpwork etc … and now XS is my little sanctuary of peace and quiet where I actually don’t have to challenge myself, but the fact that every design I stitch is different there is a separate challenge in itself …

Anyway, this week has been a blessing – it’s been mentally challenging, and I’m learning so much … I’m enjoying it so much that I’m thinking of cancelling two days annual leave I have booked at the end of next week, so I don’t miss the final stages of the project (it’s being pushed back by a week) …

I’m too knackered to stitch … but it’s OK … it’s a rewarding and fulfilling type of knackered … 😛

It’s also probably got a lot to do with why I’ve been waffling on and on here on the blog too – perhaps I also chat more when I’m happy 🙂  With any luck the bliss will last a while longer … although fingers crossed this raging sore throat I’ve had all day will stay at bay and let the bliss continue! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Great day at work”

  1. I am so glad to hear that you’re getting the “good” kind of challenges at work!

    I’m the same way. I need to be mentally challenged, or have the chance to be learning new things…or I get bored FAST!

    Hope your sore throat goes away 🙂

  2. Anne!!!! What a wonderful surprise I received from you… Thank you so much I just love it all… After a trying week with silly people asking silly ‘bookish’ questions your gift was like catching a falling star – magic… Thank you so much – it is so appreciated… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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