Just testing the new template

… and checking how the different photo sizes fit in the column … 🙂

425 pixels (the one usually used)

500 pixels

600 pixels

6 thoughts on “Just testing the new template

  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog the other day and leaving such a lovely comment. I have scrolled through some of your blog.
    You take wonderful photos. I love the Photo Hunt.
    Your stitching is amazing. Your Chatelaine is simply stunning.
    I will be by again.

  2. Love all the galahs, that is what they are right??? I left you a message on my blog yesterday but today I finally have a bit of time to talk to you in person (so to speak). It would be great if you can come to North America and see some of your northern stitching buddies. We have a good group of stitchers in this area and can put a get together up and running in very little time. Of course when you know the actual dates of your trip you may coincide with something anyway but if not it is easy to convince a few stitchers to gather for food and enabling!

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