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Why I don’t “do” Kits!

Here I have been merrily and happily stitching away on my Acorn Needlebook … on the homeward stretch, and completing the final centre block of stitches, and “wham!”, I am rudely reminded that on the whole “I really and truly hate kits!” … gotta love the convenience of having fabric, threads and embellishments all ready and prepared in the one place without requiring any effort … but by crikey it sucks when you don’t get enough threads to complete the project 😦

You may be able to tell which thread I’ve run out of … it’s not hard to work out … I guess it’s time to hunt down a new skein before I can get it finished … geez I hope someone local has it in stock!

Acorn Needlebook 02May09

I have to repeat … “geez, I hate kits!!!”

Then for something different I decided to turn into a brunette today … I have a head the colour of mahogany, and I feel shell-shocked 😉

17 thoughts on “Why I don’t “do” Kits!”

  1. Brunette, I can’t imagine! Do we get a photo?

    It’s annoying about the kit, I’ve been bitten by a few of these, and it always seems to take six weeks to cross an ocean to me…

  2. I don’t like kits either. I rarely buy them because they usually don’t have the fabric I want. And in two thirds of the kits that I bought there wasn’t enough thread or something was missing. So I usually stay away from kits.

  3. I guess I really don’t mind kits at all, even if I have to replace the Aida fabric with linen. I have stitched a bunch of Bent Creek Sheep and just ran out of a small amount of one thread only once and there was enough in another kit to “borrow”. When I ran out of a LOT of thread from a Hillside Samplings kit, I emailed the designer, who apologized and sent me a ton of the missing thread in a couple of days. You could try writing the designer. They are usually pretty good about making things good. If you don’t want to wait to finish, buy the thread as long as you would like to use the thread they eventually send for another project.

    Running out of thread or having to substitute is not near as frustrating as having a model that does NOT match the stitching pattern at all. The only kits I will NEVER buy again are from Michael Powell. It’s too bad that their production is so slipshod as the designs are lovely.

  4. I don’t like kits either. There isn’t enough thread and sometimes I just don’t like the color choices. Good luck finding the right shade!

    Brunettes rule!

  5. Ok, you are definitely going to have a share a pic. I would love to see your new brunette look. 🙂

    I feel the same way about kits having been burned a few times. These days I pretty much avoid kits/threadpacks unless they either come with full skeins or unless they’re from a designer that I know provides enough of everything.

  6. Ooh, poor dear! I hate when that happens in kits, too. I usually have more than I need, but I’ve had a couple of kits trip me up. It’s so frustrating.

  7. I’ve bought several kits in the last year, but haven’t started!! but, I’ve decided I will convert to DMC if not already that way before I start.
    Good luck matching your color!

  8. Tell us make and colour name/number – surely someone in blogland can help you with your hunt for thread to finish?

  9. Which colour is it? I have this kit & would be more than happy to send some your way. I’m sure I won’t be stitching it any time soon!! LOL

  10. Contact me. I will see what I have. How much do you need? If it is something in my stash and you don’t need much, I will do it that way. Or we can go through the shop.

  11. Now Anne, you can’t throw us a bombshell announcement like a change in hair color and not include a picture!!

    Hope you can find more of the fiber you need for your project!

  12. What thread did you run out of? I have the kit in the stash and haven’t started it so would be happy to send you some, just email me 🙂

  13. How frustrating! I hope you find what you need. Your stitching is just fantastic (I love to see the close-ups…), and this project is really pretty!

  14. Running short has happened to me before and I wrote the kit maker who kindly supplied me with extra thread.

  15. WOW, I love your blog and all the beautiful pieces are doing. I too do not like kits because of being shortchanged on threads. I think designers are cheating themselves by not offering the choice of just buying the chart. Give the stitchers a choice!
    I will buy used charts and the designer doesn’t receive anything for them.

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