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Case of the Blahs

I’m just killing time for a few minutes before I head over to the local GP.  I’ve been suffering from the worst head cold I’ve had in years over the last week, which saw me staying in bed for the entire weekend.  I walked into work today, only to have my entire team tell me to go home, making me feel even worse … anyway, after an hour I’ve succumbed to the fact that I’m not welcome at work, and probably time I saw my GP for a quick check-up.  This is also the first time I’ve been online for days.

Over the weekend I did manage to get quite a lot of stitching in – both finishing up the 2nd part of Nicki’s Ackworth Friendship Book pages for our friendship RR, and getting a pretty decent chunk of stitching into Winter Queen.  By hook or by crook I’m going to have this old UFO finished by the end of May!

Here’s the final photos of Nicki’s finished piece – I tried to tweak the colouring in Photoshop Elements on the “whole fabric” photo, as the colour just doesn’t get captured at all with the camera … the colour is definitely more true to life in the 2nd photo 🙂

Nicki's Quaker RR 2

Nicki's Quaker RR

After stitching on hand-dyed 40ct linen, stitching on 32ct Belfast for Winter Queen was a breeze, and even felt like 28ct it seemed such large!  Anyway, here’s Winter Queen as I left her last, along with the progress up to last night … she doesn’t have too much more left on her to go, yippee 😀

Winter Queen 09Mar09a

Winter Queen 26Apr09

Once Winter Queen is finished, I need to decide which UFO to tackle next.  After joining a local UFO XS group online, I like the idea of having one UFO in my ‘rotation’ all the time, so I can finally get some of those pieces finished up.

I did manage to find a website that offers downloads of the Supernatural episodes, so I spent most of last week’s down-time downloading all those, and that gave me something to cheer me up over the weekend – an entire day watching Supernatural Season 4 (right up to episode 17 anyway – the others aren’t ready for downloading yet … and I can’t wait!!).  It’s been years since I’ve been so batty about a TV series, but I just can’t get enough of those boys!!! 😀

Anyway, time to get my A into G and head off to the GP.  Have to admit, if it wasn’t for having a public holiday on Saturday, I wouldn’t bother wasting the GP’s time, but alas coming home from work after a public holiday means I either get a GP’s note or lose a day’s pay … you know what I obviously chose!  But it means now I can get a few more stitches into Winter Queen … and where did I put my Supernatural Season 3 DVD’s??? 😀

7 thoughts on “Case of the Blahs”

  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling so bleah…

    Nicki’s RR is beautiful, and you’re making great progress on Winter Queen!

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Your cross stitch is beautiful. Winter Queen will be stunning when it is finished. I’ve been watching episodes of Smallville and one of the characters looked familiar….He is in Supernatural. I can’t remember the actor’s name. He is on the right in your 2nd photo on your Supernatural blog entry.

  3. I hope you’ll get better soon. Your stitching is gorgeous as always – your queen is going to be so lovely, and you’re almost done, yaay!

  4. Oh, poor Anne! Glad you’re seeing the doc and taking some time off work. Get some rest, do a little stitching and get better real soon.

  5. Oh, you’re done nice and early! As usual, I got caught up in stuff and have only finished one of the two panels, but I’ll have the other one done in time for the mail date!

    Beautiful stitching, as always!

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