Photo Hunt – Bridge(s)

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This week’s theme is “Bridge(s)” and while I’m living in a city with one of the world’s most beautiful and well-known bridges, I decided to stick with the obvious – here’s Sydney’s Harbour Bridge, as viewed from a ferry coming into the harbour … you can see the Sydney Opera House in the bottom corner too 🙂


6 thoughts on “Photo Hunt – Bridge(s)

  1. Every time you post these photos I am in awe. You manage to get the lighting, colouring, angle all perfect. I have yet to even replace my dinky camera!

    Lovely shot 🙂

  2. That is a gorgeous shot of a very impressive bridge! I like your angle, which accentuates the hugeness of the bridge. (Especially as it dwarfs the Opera House!)

  3. I saw a TV travel show in which people scaled the Sydney Bridge! Have you ever done that? It looks like it could be cool even while also somewhat scary!

  4. Hi Anne,
    Haven’t been here for a while due to home issues, but I’ve enjoyed catching up with you. Don’t know where to start commenting on your stitching, so I won’t, except to say I’m in awe of everything as usual! (hotos are fantastic too, BTW)
    Sorry to hear about your neck…join the club. I also have arthritis in my neck due to a motorcycle crash 35 years ago. Bit late to do anything about fixing it, as the bones have already started to disintegrate, so I just wear a neck brace when it bothers me. With luck and good management, you shouldn’t suffer the same fate!

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