Quaker Swan Case

Staying home bundled up today has been great for the stitching progress.  I managed to put the final stitches into my Swan, so now it’s being placed into the ‘finishing pile’ for one day when I feel up to the challenge (and once I have some decent cardstock to use).  The top photo is the closest to the actual fabric colour.

Fancy Work-Quaker Swan Case

Fancy Work-Quaker Swan Case detail
“Quaker Swan Case” by Fancy Work
Stitched on 32ct Blue Spruce Belfast linen
with recommended GAST threads

I actually finished the beading of my In The Dark Needleroll last weekend, but won’t bother showing a photo until the actual finishing is completed.  I guess that means the Quaker Swan Case is actually finish #3 for 2009 🙂

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