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Autumn Arbor

Just a really quick post before I jump in the shower and head off to work, to show my biggest recent finish – yet again I found the colours more ‘drab’ than I expected, and these photos actually don’t show the true colours well at all, but here it is in all its glory:

Drawn Thread-Autumn Arbor final

“Autumn Arbor” by The Drawn Thread
stitched on 32ct Summer Khaki Belfast linen
using recommended threads and beads (kit)

Here are close-ups of some of my favourite parts of the design – it was really fun doing the various stitches:

Drawn Thread-Autumn Arbor 1

Drawn Thread-Autumn Arbor 2

Drawn Thread-Autumn Arbor 4

Surprisingly I ran out of two of the silks in the kit, even with being a frugal stitcher – thankfully, though, I had those two colours in my stash for a Chatelaine, so I could continue to stitch. I was also disappointed with two of the Gloriana silks that came with the kit – the threads were so very very skinny you could hardly see them on the fabric, so I ended up stitching with two strands for the cross stitch – I continued to use 1 strand for the specialty stitches, and I guess they look OK … the queen stitches were OK anyway (my first attempt at this stitch) 🙂

While I’ve been offline I can’t say I’ve done much stitching at all apart from Autumn Arbor – I have finished the stitching on my In the Dark Needleroll, and just have to put beads on, plus I’ve finish-finished two ornies (one for Christmas and one belatedly for Halloween).  By the end of this week I hope to have finished “Summer Grace” by Calico Crossroads.  I’ve boo-boo’ed by one stitch on the tree on this piece, but I’ve decided I can’t be bothered unpicking 8 rows of smyrna crosses to fix it, so I’ll be adjusting it where necessary and it’ll just be one stitch too close to the border on the right … no biggie, as it’s for me.  It’s really pretty colours, and I’m looking forward to getting that one finished – I won’t bother taking photos until it’s 100% finished 🙂

Rightio, time to jump in the shower and get ready for another thrilling day in the office! 😉

22 thoughts on “Autumn Arbor”

  1. I think Autumn Arbor looks lovely, Anne. Congratulations on your finish.

    I’m glad to see that you’re back online, too!

  2. Glad that you got your computer back, and you just can’t beat a girlie week-end, it doesn’t matter where you go or what you do they are just perfect. Autumn Arbour looks great Anne, love the colors of the tree in the last picture.

  3. Well done on a perfectly beautiful finish, Anne. I admire the way you can go from something simple like an ornie to something so complex that I wouldn’t know where to start! Many stitchers seem to prefer one or the other – small and simple (me), or big and complicated, and I’ve found it isn’t too often that people like to have a go at both.

  4. Stunning finish Anne – I just love Queen Stitches.

    Great to hear you have your laptop back – I hope it wasn’t too expensive to get it fixed!

  5. Just a question. I have all four of the arbors and I was very disappointed to see yet again that most of it calls for one ply (it is the same for the gardens series that she has.) How do you think it would look with 2 strands for cross stitch?

    1. Hi Christina, Truthfully I’m not entirely sure – like you, I prefer the cross stitch with two strands (it kills me to use just 1 strand!), but it might look a bit out of balance with the specialty stitches … I’ll have to drag mine out again and have a closer look at the stitches to compare. I suppose the alternative could be to stitch them on a 36ct fabric, but once again need to check the specialty stitches and beads would be too crowded. I’ll try to remember to grab it over the weekend and have a look for you more closely 🙂 Kind regards, Anne

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