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Can’t wait till tomorrow for stash report

So, I’m doing an extra post today … do you think I’m trying to do anything to put off what I ‘should’ be doing today??? LOL.

Here’s what came in the mail on Thursday … one beloved item from my wishlist, all the way from France, and two new designs that I fell in love with 🙂

Stash 02Oct08

Add to that a few embellishment packs I picked up from Karen’s recent 20% off sale … ‘cos at the moment I have a SERIOUS urge to stitch up some of my Halloween designs, which are predominantly Just Nan’s … I just LOVE ’em 😀

Just Nan embellishments 02Oct08

And I also forgot to add one more chart to my wishlist pile that I am still drooling over months after seeing it for the first time on Monique’s blog“Stitching is a Hoot” – I just adore this little fella, and love the colours … yep, it’s a ‘gotta have’!! 😀

In fact, I’ve just remembered that I still haven’t cashed in my $30 gift voucher from Colours Down Under, so I’d better make that another exception to my 25 Project Challenge … although technically that’s not using my own money … hmmm, maybe my Challenge will start on Monday to give me time to get my order in! LOLOL 😉

And finally, here’s proof that I really am NOT getting far with my stitching … the herb flowers band was finished last time, so that pitiful bit of stitching below is what I’ve managed to achieve in the entire week … I should be publicly flogged with wet floss!!! 😉

Drawn Thread-02Oct08

The good news, however, is that the pink flowers at the bottom is the final part of the sampler – I just have to finish that band, and add one more narrow band of double four-sided stitch, and add the little heart beads and charm … and it’s all finished …

So, what am I still doing here, I hear you ask?? Actually that’s what my head has been saying all morning … but yet I still sit here glued to the computer and trying to ignore that voice in my head … hmmm … 😉

In fact, I’m off to spend that gift voucher … when I should be stitching … c’est la vie … LOL.

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