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Focus on Finishing blog is moving to a new home

I’ve just posted on the Focus on Finishing blog, but thought I’d do a ‘cross post’ here as well …  That’s one of the things I do LOVE about Blogger, the fact you can tweak your own template – this one is based on a free template from Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates.  I absolutely ADORE this template, and had originally earmarked it for my own template, but it would take me forever to work out how to apply the various components to the WP template (and of course WP charge you an annual fee for customising any of their existing templates).  Oh well, at least I can visit and smile at the new Focus on Finishing blog instead 🙂

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Hi everyone – it’s been a while since I announced the idea of moving the Focus on Finishing blog to the more popular Blogger platform. That idea has finally come to fruition, and the new site is ready to have all the posts copied over. Here is a preview of the new look:

screenshot of FOF blogger blog

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the new home … I, for one, am quite thrilled with the clean, fresh new look of the blog (it’s been fun spending a few hours tweaking the HTML codes!). The new link is:


It would be wonderful if you would be willing to post photos of any items you have finished using our tutor’s classes, or any other finishing methods you would like to share. If there is enough interest, I would also be happy to reopen the idea of having a weekend set aside each month to focus on finishing our projects languishing in the finishing pile.

Please update your bookmarks so you don’t miss any new posts – these existing pages, however, will still be kept open as I will continue to maintain the classes schedule etc via WordPress as I find that easier.

Unfortunately each WP post has to be copied over individually into Blogger, so it is going to be a long and arduous task to copy over the old posts and classes, but they will gradually be added over time.

Thanks for your continued support of this blog 🙂

Kind regards,

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  1. Thanks for the link to the templates – I feel a change in template coming on, but can’t decide which I like best! And thanks for the comments on Blogger and WordPress – I’ve half wondered from time to time about WordPress as there’s somethings I know you can do there but not in blogger. However, I do like to play around and customise my template, so perhaps I’m as well to stay where I am.

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