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Just Nan’s “Evening Star”

Yippee, I can finally post a “finished” piccie of this piece.  This time the photos are crappy because they’re taken at night instead of early morning haha.  I still remain very disappointed in the finished result purely because of the colours involved – I love some of the bands, but it just doesn’t “do it” for me.

Just Nan-Evening Star 1
“Evening Star” by Just Nan (class project)
Stitched on 32ct white Belfast linen
with recommended threads and beads (embellishment kit)

Just Nan-Evening Star 2

Just Nan-Evening Star 3

Going by some of the comments I’ve received during the stitching progress it appears there are a few people out there that do seem to like it, so I am pleased to finally be able make the “big announcement”…

This finished project is “free to a good home” – if anyone would like to go into a prize draw for this piece, please leave a comment stating this clearly, and at the end of September I will draw one name out of the hat to send this piece to. 

I will finish it as a quilted wallhanging so it’s ready to hang in it’s new home (you will just need to provide the hanger itself).  While it is quite lovely, I guess, I just don’t feel compelled to display it on my walls, and probably never will, so I’d rather it went to someone who would appreciate it 🙂

Now I guess it’s time to work out what to stitch next … I’m seriously considering going back to a mini-rotation, as I have some BAP’s that need to be worked on, so I’ll have to put some serious thought into that soon … for right now, I have no idea what I feel like stitching on next.  Might have to sleep on it and see what the new day brings … 🙂

36 thoughts on “Just Nan’s “Evening Star””

  1. It’s very lovely Anne and I would certainly like to be a contender for it… I have a feeling you won’t return to Melbourne 😦 but it will be nice that I can come to visit you occassionly :).. You take now XXX

  2. Oh my gosh, I just love this piece! Please include me in the drawing. Have you considered getting rid of the pattern? Because I wouldn’t mind having a chance at it. 😉 –Michelle

  3. wow… I’d be thrilled to death to have that hanging in my home! It’s lovely, and extra-special because you stitched it 🙂

  4. I love ths one. Please consider me for the piece and/or pattern. i could trade for the pattern. You did a great job on it.


  5. pick me i would like this so please enter me for the draw. i think you have worked really well on it and cannot wait to see what you produce next.

  6. It is gorgeous Anne! It’s too bad the colours didn’t come out as you thought they would. Congrats on the finish though, it is beautiful. :o)

  7. *sigh* such great reminiscing for me for this one…I stitched this about 4 years ago, then the finished project disappearred…I think I may have actually thrown it out with some other ‘garbage’ the day it was finished 😦

    I thought the colours were a little wishy washy…but it was a project that got me back into stitchign after a long long long hiatus.

  8. Look – that is just beautiful! I rally love it, and admire all the hours of hard work and the exquisite detail you have put into it.

    It’s such a work of art!! 🙂

  9. Heh I am definitely in the camp that likes it Anne, so please, put my name down for being a possible winner for it. I think it would be superbly cool to not only get a completed design by a designer a I love, but also stitched by a blogger I enjoy reading!

  10. Love it Anne!! Please put my name in the draw too!! Having seen it up close, I know just how gorgeous this piece is!! Sure sound slike you won’t be going back to Melbourne to me too!!

  11. I love Just Nan, but your right that sometimes the colors aren’t what you expect. I would love to give your piece a good home. Please put me in your drawing.

  12. It’s a really pretty stitch Ann. I too stitched this many moons ago and it ended up on my office wall as I wasn’t keen to hang it in my home! When I left I ‘donated’ to another worker who adored it! As much as I would love to have a piece of your stitching don’t enter me into the draw.

  13. Congratulations Anne. The stitching looks great. I would enjoy stitching this design with such a great variety of stitches and lovely soft colours. Please include me in the draw.

  14. Wow, I am lucky to read this before the end of the month!

    Please enter me for the draw, there are lots of people salivating over it, but with hope, it will be mine!

    I really think this is an exquisite piece!

  15. It came out lovely, congrats on the finish. If you haven’t already selected a grand prize winner then please add my name to your drawing. I love the purples although I understand there is just not enough blue for some. CJ(ok;-)

  16. I would love to hang this on my wall, please through my name in the hat.

    Could you also please please please do a tutorial on how to do canvaswork, I want to do some but can’t make it make sense.

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