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Is it snowing outside?

Well, the weather will surely be changing because a miracle occurred in Chez Shackles over the last 24 hours!  I managed to get my August ornie completed before the middle of the month … now I KNOW I’m not feeling well!!

Val's Stuff-A Merry Kitty Klaus
“A Merry Kitty Klaus” by Val’s Stuff
from 2007 JCS Christmas Ornament issue
stitched on 32ct white Belfast linen
using Crescent Colours Sassy Brass and Cupid,
Olde Willow Shale, Wisper thread and DMC for the remainder

Went to the GP yesterday who confirmed my bugs are just a viral infection (which I’d already guessed) – I’m now loaded up with Buscopan for the griping stomach cramps and on orders for Panadol, fluids and rest … if that doesn’t work I have to go back to have blood tests, but I’m sure that’s all it is (which is the main reason I hadn’t bothered going to the GP before now).  I was still pretty crook throughout the weekend, and definitely not my perky self (commented on a lot by colleagues at work, which didn’t do anything to help my mood, especially when someone drew a smiley face on a piece of paper and wrote “SMILE” on top for me … made me want to throttle them instead of smile!  I’m terrible when I’m feeling ill, I just want to sit in a corner away from people until I get over it hmmm).

Still haven’t finished my needleroll, as I need to concentrate a bit on the buttonhole stitch banding etc, and don’t feel up to it yet … hopefully it won’t be long now before it is completed though.  Now it’s time for me to jump in the car for another thrilling day at work (can you tell I’m really not in the mood right now?)!

17 thoughts on “Is it snowing outside?”

  1. Nice ornie! That’s the one I should be doing. 🙂 That Buscopan is wonderful! When I had my gall bladder attacks, it was my very best friend. 😉

  2. Oh gosh, Anne, can I ever sympathize with your feelings when you’re ill – I’m the same way!

    Lovely finish, and I really hope you’ll soon be feeling your usual cheery self.

  3. Congratulations on your early finish – the ornament is adorable. And I hope you’re back to feeling 100% very quickly!

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