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Lack of posting

Aside from work being manic as usual, there may be more of a lack of posting from me than usual over the next few weeks … ‘cos …

Fire Breathing Dragon by Pegasus Publications

“She’s baaaaaaaaack … !!!”

Yep, the Dragon arrived safe and sound into Sydney Airport this morning, and we’ll be spending time over the next three weeks when I’m not slaving away at work, doing the mother-daughter bonding thing.  Hopefully that’ll also mean my stitching mojo returning as there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in front of the TV with a good DVD on with my Mum as my stitching partner.  In fact I sat and put a few stitches into a new project today while Mum had a lengthy snooze on the sofa.  It was very peaceful. 

I’ve been feeling ever so slightly ‘flat’ of late due to work stresses, so it was a really nice pick-me-up to have Mum’s company today.  Unfortunately I may end up going into work over the long weekend this weekend to try to bring some sanity to my working week next week, but the sooner I catch up at work the better for my future health and mental state!

If I’m not around, you’ll understand why – I’ll be hanging out in the Dragon’s Den! 😉

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