A few sunflowers

Here is the result of having a lazy weekend sat in PJ’s in front of the goggle box … unfortunately I obviously did another misjudgement with the fabric size when I cut it months ago, but hopefully I’ll just have enough at the top to finish it as a bellpull … hopefully!  I’m officially at the halfway mark with the sampler (although I still have to do the beads in the ladybirds), but it may be another week or so before I get to do the official happy dance when it’s entirely finished.

“Sunflower Sampler” by The Drawn Thread


17 thoughts on “A few sunflowers

  1. Oh my favorite things Sunflowers and Ladybugs. I’ll hvae to find this piece to do. You sure did get a lot done but, I know how sitting and watching tv can just make your needle fly.

  2. Wow! You are really flying along on this one! It is looking fabulous 🙂 Sunflower Sampler is one of my favorite pieces among my finishes. I don’t think that you need all that much room to finish the top part, so hopefully you will be okay.

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