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Day out down south

As I mentioned yesterday, Mum and I drove down to Mittagong, Bowral and Berrima on Saturday, and had a really lovely day out.  I wasn’t going to write this post just yet, but I’m up (not bright but) early thanks to Lisa coming home inebriated in the wee small hours and spending half the night in bed listening to her throwing up in the bathroom opposite … I figured now is as good a time as any to write it up!

Anyway, we started the day off by driving to Mittagong to Victoria House so Mum could see the stitched models.  And we ended up coming out with a few charts from their bargain/sale bins … I didn’t take any photos of the stash, sorry, but basically Mum’s were all Christmas ornament charts, and I bought a couple of Hillside Sampling charts, a needleroll chart, and a wooden bellpull hanger for my Bent Creek Christmas wallhanging.  It was nice to wander around and view the stitched models – always my favourite thing to do when visiting a new (or old) needlework shop 🙂


We then drove on a few km’s up the road to Bowral where we’d heard there was a Food & Wine Festival on … if there was, we didn’t find it, so ended up having a very non-Weight Watchers snack of meat pie and pastries from Gumnut Patisserie – this patisserie has won awards 4 years in a row, and it’s easy to see why, absolutely everything we tried from there was absolutely divine!!  No piccies, unfortunately, as we scoffed them while on the road (very naughty, I know!).

From there we drove another short distance (about 8km) across country to Berrima, where I’d been recommended to visit – and we weren’t disappointed.  What a lovely quaint village atmosphere – and not touristy at all, I thought.  The buildings are just lovely, and we spent a couple of hours just wandering aimlessly in and out of all the shops … with the odd thing jumping into our bags every now and then 😉


A highlight for me was Mrs Oldbucks (they also have mail order from their website) – there is a room just filled with every sort of tea imaginable.  I bought four as my treat for the day, then Mum bought me one more with a tea filter for my mug … I came home with Wild Berry, Raspberry & Lime, Chai Herbal Blend, Summer Blend, and Marsala Chai – I should take some photos of the teas themselves … just opening the shopping bag up to read the labels my senses are filled with an amazing smell … aaarghhhh 🙂


As well as the room full of teas, there is another long room at Mrs Oldbucks which is filled with all kinds of culinary goodies – lollies (sweets), jams, chutneys, honeys, mustards, etc etc etc … an absolute treasure trove of yummy goodies.

Berrima Jams

We also spent a little bit of time wandering through the local patchwork shop, and managed to find a fat 1/4 each of fabrics we just HAD to have … plus I bought a wire hanger with 7 hooks on it to use for hanging my scissors up (I’ll try to remember and take photos later when I unpack all my scissor fobs and scissors … yep, still unpacking! haha), plus a couple of small wire hangers that I’d been hunting for for months!


There were also a couple of lovely antique shops that we found in a side street later, but it was getting too late to call in – but I loved a few of the buildings in that wee street (I’m a sucker for old buildings).



When we turned out of the street to return home, we were greeted by the magnificent sight of loads and loads of cockatoos sitting up in the trees – I’ve seen this phenomenon before but Mum hasn’t … it was hard to take a photo, but you can see all the white specks in the trees, well they’re all cockatoos!  It’s a glorious sight!! 😀


After we arrived home we decided to celebrate the end to some wonderful adventures, as we were unlikely to be tripping off again during this visit – I cooked a light chicken dinner (stir-though sauce compliments of Leggo’s haha) and we cracked open a bottle of bubbly and placed a hibiscus flower in syrup that I bought in Perth recently in the bottom of the glass (they’re so cool!! – their website has a much better photo and information if you want to check them out), and settled in for the night … a fitting end to a wonderful holiday (I’m just trying hard not to think about work tomorrow as I know I have a gruelling procedure writing session for my ‘huge project’ as soon as I walk in the door hmmm).


7 thoughts on “Day out down south”

  1. Nice pics Anne! I love Berrima and have always wanted to spend the night there, especially this time of year. Did Vic House have their sale on?

  2. Hi Anne, great pix as usual! You’re really getting around up there – makes me want to head up to NSW for a month’s holiday…I don’t know how you could think about food though, after that comment about your flatmate (?) chucking all night…eewwww….
    Thanks for your advice on my blog about using categories. Yes, I can put labels on my posts so that the reader can select a category and see all the posts relating to that. But I’m not sure if I can do that on Patra’s Place, as it was my first blog, about six years ago, and I still have the old template.
    Even if I could label all the posts, it would take forever as there are several hundred. Guess it would take just as much time to redo the whole thing, but the second time around I’d have better photos of everything, as I didn’t have a digital camera for the first few years, and could only scan bits of things, or photograph them then scan the photo.
    Anyway, I’m still thinking about it!

  3. Oooooh, that hibiscus in the bubbly is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! Sorry to hear that Lisa kept you up. Guess she drank more than her fair share. LOL. It sounds like you had an absolutely lovely time on your adventures. I’m so glad that you and your mum were able to get out so much and enjoy yourselves!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time Anne. Thoses are the kind of days you can hold on to for a long time. Hope you enjoy the stitching things, the new teas and all your new memories of a day with your Mum. Happy Stitching, CJ

  5. I love your photos, you take a really great photo!
    I love the day trip down the coast, and I always bought my wire hangers from the quilt shop in Berrima!
    Hope Lisa isn’t feeling so seedy now! LOL

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