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Fun and productive stitchy weekend

I dropped Barnabee’s Bride over to Karen at The Stitching Post yesterday, and she’s now sitting on display in the smalls cabinet.  Alison joined me for the trip, and I had a wonderful time catching up with her before we made the drive – we had time to have a cup of coffee while I wandered around her stitching gallery and admired her beautiful stitched pieces on the walls … that was a real treat before we hit the road!  I was dying to see Alison’s latest stitched piece from her blog, and the photo doesn’t do it justice … that wallhanging is just divine in real life (as is everything else)!!! 😀

Alison is always great company and we had an enjoyable drive chatting away the whole time.  We arrived at The Stitching Post early, where I had a panic attack that the shop was closed, not realising it doesn’t open until 12 noon!!  Phew!!!

Catching up with Karen and Brendon is always a treat – although poor Karen got absolutely no work done while we were there ‘cos we spent the entire hours of opening chatting away.  I apologise in advance if extra hours are needed this week to catch up!

I was given a thank you gift from them for the model stitching that was totally unnecessary, but it will be treasured always.  I am now the proud owner of one of Brendon’s jewellery pieces … isn’t this amber just amazing??  It will always be a reminder of their friendship when I wear it – thanks so much once again, Karen and Bren, I love it! 😀


I had an extra treat of seeing the first three of my framed pieces up on the wall – I didn’t realise they were there, or I would have taken my camera with me and taken a photo … but I intend heading back again in a fortnight with Mum when she comes to visit, so I’ll remember to take a camera with me then 🙂

What I can show you a photo of, though, is my latest finish – I truly ADORE this piece!  As usual, because the photo is taken late in the afternoon without a flash or tripod the photography isn’t the best, but here it is in all its glory … in real life the colours really pop 😀

“Beach Roses” by Just Nan
Stitched on 28ct natural Cashel linen
using recommended threads (DMC)
and embellishment pack of charm and pearls

And don’t you just love the little scallop shells and starfish charm??  I sure do!! 😀



This project will likely head on over to my Trade page at some stage in the future – Nan was really generous with the beads, so there are still just enough pearls to complete the design again … but a charm will have to be bought separately.  I’ll make an announcement post here when I eventually get around to updating my list after I clean out a few folders in the future.

Right now I’m not entirely sure what to stitch next – I’m quite keen to get some of my older WIP’s (they’re probably better categorised as UFO’s now, but we’ll stick with WIP’s for now LOL) finished, as well as getting a few more models stitched for Karen – so I think I’ll bring out one of my BAP’s to concentrate on (that’s already started, eg Mirabilia’s Winter Queen), and do a 10-hour rotation with 1 or 2 of those, with an LHN/CCN design or Christmas design/ornament inbetween – with any luck that’ll see me get at least one BAP finished before too long! 🙂

Hmmm, perhaps that’s what I should work on tonight … Winter Queen … but an LHN is calling … oh decisions, decisions … 😛

15 thoughts on “Fun and productive stitchy weekend”

  1. It must have been such a pleasure to see all those stitched pieces, and you’re very lucky to have such amazing friends, congrats 🙂
    That amber necklace is stunning!

    As for Beach Roses, nice! I love that design! I ended up stitching something completely different in the end to what we discussed on my blog, but I think once I am done with this piece (should be tomorrow) I’ll get started on Beach Roses!

  2. Goodness, Anne, this JN is absolutely gorgeous! The charm is adorable. This kind of blue screams your name doesn’t it 😀

  3. That’s a lovely finish Anne! 🙂 Gorgeous pendant from Karen and Brendon too – lucky you!

  4. Wow, Anne, your stitching is stunning! Those little clam shells just kill me, they’re so precious! 😀 And the jewelry you received is remarkable – what a stunning pendant! Is it amber?

    I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful weekend!

  5. That Just Nan piece is beautiful, and you’re right, the scalloped shell & starfish charm is adorable.

    It sounds like you had a nice day out with Alison!

  6. How fun to see your pieces displayed like that. 🙂 The only shop that I ever stitched for is in Oklahoma, so I never got to see mine displayed. What a lovely necklace they gave you for your hard stitching work! It is nice to be appreciated, as you certainly are. I love your Just Nan Beach Roses, too. Every stitch of yours is perfection. I have this one in my stash and will stitch it someday. You know, when I retire or something. LOL. It’s time to weed out some of my stash again, methinks.

  7. Oh I just love this Just Nan piece! Gorgeous. I especially love the colors and the little starfish! Congrats on a beautiful finish!

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