I’m in Heaven …

Just a really really quick post to say that I’m having the BEST time in Perth.  The CA Wells classes were fantastic – even better than last year’s classes!  And I’ve reserved my spot for next year already 🙂 

I’ll post full details when I get home again at the beginning of next week, but I had a total blast!  The company was wonderful, the projects gorgeous (even the Sailors Valentine has grown on me more), and I hit it off really well with the lady I stayed with.

After the classes finished, we were up bright and early for the ANZAC Day dawn service at Nollamara RSL – another fun and memorable experience (once again, full details will follow in a few days time).

Today I had a fun day out with Hayley – we started off buying out the Kiwi Shop at Joondalup, then we headed out to Sorrento Beach where we had a great lunch (prawn and avocado salad for me, yummo), followed by Cold Rock icecream … double yummo!!  We finished the day off having drinks and dinner with friends, and had another great night out 🙂

Tomorrow we’re heading out to Fremantle to spend the day – flights don’t look too promising to get home, so I might end up taking the overnight flight home tomorrow night instead of the lunchtime flight on Monday.  We’ll check again in the morning when I’ll make my final decision.

Rightio, time to hit the hay for the night – I just jumped online to check the flight loadings to get home, and thought I’d drop a really quick line on here.  I’ve got a few photos to share, so I’ll wait to tell the full stories of the trip until I can upload those!

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  1. It’s great you are having such fun and that you enjoyed CA’s classes. Can’t wait to see pictures and hear more about them.

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