Bad, bad girl

I take a day off work to do some ‘cramming stitching’ for my CA Wells class … and what do I do instead?  I forget to switch my phone alarm off so I get awoken early then feel like death all day and end up spending the entire day (so far anyway) joining up for more internet groups for canvaswork designs and getting itchy feet to start a new project or 50!!  There is just no hope for me!!! 

I’m getting a serious urge to pick up some canvaswork projects again … I have one or two in my stash still waiting to be stitched, but now I’m drooling over some new class projects as well …  Check this one out by Jim Wurth … oh my goodness, I SOOOOO want this one!!!!!  I’ve sent him an email to work out how to pay for it, if overseas students are allowed (it’s basically a correspondence course) … isn’t it to die for???  Its called Study in Gold and Silver, and available through the Shining Needle Society (email to sign up for registration – no membership fee for the Yahoo group).


Then there’s a new Mystery project by Gay Ann Rogers – check out her blog post here to see the first part.  Some of the suggested colour combinations put together in other posts are totally exquisite! (Once again, this is run via the above Yahoo group.)

Then, of course, there’s the few canvaswork projects that I already have that are actually pretty much kitted up ready to be started in my existing stash – Sapphire Star by Laura J Perin (who has her own blog I’ve just discovere today), and Lavender Blue Celtic Knot Quilt by From Nancy’s Needle, and Baroque by Jean Hilton:

sapphire star lavender blue celtic knot baroque

As well as the designs I already own by Orna Willis (who also now has her own blog but I’ve known about that one since she started it), that aren’t quite kitted up yet (the only real downside to canvaswork is the multitude of ‘weird’ and uncommon threads needed).

Summer Drink by Orna Willis
A Summer Drink (you’ll need to click on the pictures to go to the website to see the full piccie – the turquoise one is stunning!)

reflections of joy Equilibrium grace
Reflections of Joy (in the bright colours), Equilibrium (in the purple colourway), Grace (in the colourway shown, or perhaps I’d attempt to change the entire colours to turquoise and navy yet hmmm) – again, you have to click on the piccies to see all the colourway choices

Add to that the one of hers I don’t actually own yet, but still continue to drool over – Royal:

Royal-Orna Willis

And finished off by the multitude still on my wishlist by Laura J Perin and Northern Pine Designs …

Happy Halloween-Laura J Perin Flying Geese-Laura J Perin Moorish Tiles-Laura J Perin Mosaic Tiles-Laura J Perin Ocean Waves-Laura J Perin Reflecting Pools-Laura J Perin Navajo-Northern Pine Designs Blue Bayou-Northern Pine Designs Ebb Tide-Northern Pine Designs Surf & Sand-Northern Pine Designs

Perhaps I should just console myself with the piece I’ve already started – Flight of the Bumblebee by Ruth Schmuff:

flight of the bumblebee

… but stitching on something already started spoils all the fun … haha.

I also have a couple of other canvaswork designs in my stash, but I can’t remember the exact designer names off the top of my head … and I think I’ve disgraced myself enough with this post! 😉

And of course that’s not even mentioning the millions of XS designs that are currently screaming my name to be started!  Why is it, that as soon as I have a stitching commitment and deadline, that commitment project is the very last thing that I want to stitch, and the urge to start 50 different projects is sooooo strong?

So, what am I doing now instead of stitching?  Sitting here posting about my sorry addiction … ah, there really is no hope for me! 😉

It will soon be time to head out the door to get my hair cut, and I’ll be walking out after not stitching a single solitary stitch … just pitiful!!  But I’ve been having so much fun dreaming … 😉

9 thoughts on “Bad, bad girl”

  1. Hi

    You may have heard from Jim by now but there is no problem with overseas members for the Silver and Gold class – I am in the UK and am signed and as Jim will probably tell you. you can order a full kit from Marianne Barber at Threadneedle street and Jim will send the pattern out. I think it will be posted early May.

    Have fun with it – I’m certainly going to.

    Alison in Guildford

  2. Wow ~ gorgeous pieces! I dare not try absolutely any new craft for fear of being hooked! And shamefully its not hard for me to be addicted. Meanwhile I’ll just watch for your progress pics on these.

  3. I almost bought that bumblebee piece after seeing it on your blog, but seeing how much canvas I have that is NOT stitched, I resisted. But I might not be able to resist Ebb Tide or Reflecting Pools. You are a very, very good enabler!

  4. Oh, you ARE bad. 😉 And such a temptress, as well. I hope you find something fun to work on that captures your interest.

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