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Peeps have arrived in Oz! (plus a bit of stitching)

… or at least they DID arrive, but alas they had to be destroyed due to possible cross-breeding with the local bunnies. The destruction was quick and painless, as I chomped them to death throughout the day at work! 😉

Thanks so much to Monique for this little act of kindness – I’d mentioned to Monique on her blog that I’d never seen what a peep looked like, so it was great to see her photo of them after hearing so much about them for years … Monique took pity on me and sent me this wonderful sample! People must have thought I was bonkers leaving the Post Office, as I changed from being very perplexed at a strange parcel arriving, to cackling like a banshee with a huge grin on my face after opening it up and seeing the contents. Thanks again Monique for making my week! 😀


As for my stitching, I’ve done really well over the weekend and the last couple of nights – I have finished all my Cottage Etui pieces, except for the rooftop, and except for tiny bits of stitching that are done after the interfacing is fused on (eyelets and satin stitches). Now I’ve moved on to the Sailor’s Valentine, and I’ve managed to complete one more side (once again, except for the backstitching of the word “Love” once the interfacing is fused on) – now I’m concentrating on the smallest side of the lot (not much stitching, although a bit of over one) which has a whale’s tail on it and compass markings. That then just leaves me with the boat side to be done (oodles of over-one so it will take me forever!) and the ribbon bands, plus the personalisation (again over-one) on the Roses side … then I can attempt to get the Cottage rooftop started.

Here’s just a wee taste of the “Love” side (CA isn’t keen on full-screen progress photos online as far as I understand it, so I’m trying to be considerate but still share a little bit!):


I’m really looking forward to heading over to Perth again next week for the class – I’m staying with one of the organiser’s lady friends for the two nights of the class, then I’m off to spend 3 nights with Hayley, a good friend of mine. Apparently we’re getting up on Thursday for the dawn service on ANZAC Day, then we have 3 full days to potter around and actually see a bit of Perth this time – it’s going to be great to have some quality time with Hayles and Pete, as they have a long weekend off work yay!

 Of GREAT note is the fact that as of late last night we have ADSL BROADBAND AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I AM screaming … with sheer joy!!!!!  We’ve managed to get my modem set up with Lisa’s wireless router, and we can both connect – in a couple of weeks time you actually might get to see me more online again (and maybe even answering emails, unlike having a humungous backlog like I do now)!! 😀 

7 thoughts on “Peeps have arrived in Oz! (plus a bit of stitching)”

  1. Your CA Wells project is looking great, the peeps look cute. I have seen on a blog ‘somewhere’ photos of peeps jousting with toothpicks after being nuked in the microwave, very funny!!!!

  2. I just had to chuckle at your story of Peeps devastation. Cross-breeding with the natives would be terrible for the environment, of course. I’m glad that you handled your civic duty with such grace. 😉 So, what did you think of them?

    You are making great stridges on both of your CA Wells pieces. I knew you would do well in trying to catch up before the classes.

    Congratulations on having broadband again! Woohoo! I’m doing a happy dance over here for you.

  3. Oh… poor Peeps!!! This made me laugh so hard that I actually had to read it to BF. Thanks for the giggle. Your CA Wells project is coming along nicely.

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