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Market garden kitchen and etui update

Well, true to form, I’ve been lounging around in my PJ equivalent all day – trackpants and PJ top … and I’ve been stitching merrily away on my Cottage Etui.  Here’s a sneak preview of how far along I am so far … I’m pretty confident that I’ll get all the pieces finished by the end of tomorrow that I want to (I’m not bothering about getting the rooftop stitched yet – but if I get time before I fly out, I’ll try to start).



While stitching the Etui, it also reminded me that I haven’t shown you my latest stash purchases yet either – as soon as I took them out of the envelope, my Cottage Etui threads went straight onto one of them.  Monique makes the most gorgeous threadholders, and I truly adore them!  Small enough to be super portable, and no thread snags … plus they look so darned cute!!! 😀  What’s betting a certain senior citizen who will be visiting in May will try to snaffle one of them for herself??? haha.


I also forgot to show your healthy spoils from a morning trip to Paddy’s Market in Flemington last weekend (before my friends arrived).  Lisa has bought a juicer and we’ve been having fresh fruit and vege juices every morning this last week … this is just a small sample of what is residing in our kitchen right now … boxes and boxes and lovely fruit and vege (some will be juiced and frozen).

Lovely peaches, with a tray of nectarines hiding underneath … plus boxes of pears, apples and oranges.


There is also a box full of Tahitian limes (just perfect for the bottles of Corona in the fridge), and melons galore, not to mention the pile of pumpkins and butternuts hiding underneath!

paddys-market-limes paddys-market-melons

And this one is for Mum … a box of Australian feijoas (which I’m sorry to say are really tiny and picked well before they are ripe, so they’re a bit disappointing … I really miss our feijoa tree from home – poor Mum has so many she doesn’t know what to do with them, and she keeps making me jealous talking about them!).


Rightio, my dinner has finished nuking in the microwave, so it’s time to head back to my stitching position for the evening stitch-a-thon 🙂

20 thoughts on “Market garden kitchen and etui update”

  1. Wow! Fruit galore!! I miss feijoas. Someone told me you can get them in one particular supermarket over here but I haven’t been to see if it’s true yet!

    I LOVE your cottage etui stitching. It looks stunning 🙂

  2. Hee hee! I have those PJ-equivalent days as well. I love them – snuggled up with coffee and doing very little of consequence.

    Your stitching is fantastic, Anne! Etui is looking fabulous – those colours are just wonderful.

  3. Your cottage etui is looking great – when is your class.
    Did you get my email – I have strawberry blancmange for you?

  4. Oh, the fruit, it takes me back………….. we poor Europeans buy it by the piece, not the case, usually. Love the stitching too, and the threadholders, I am going to have to get some of those!

  5. Your stitching is brilliant, Anne!

    Love seeing the beautiful fruit you have. Fresh asparagus and strawberries are just now appearing in our shops – oh yum!! The farmers’ market will be opening soon and I must make shopping there a priority this year. 🙂

  6. Never heard of a feijoa… my daughter was just looking at them and wants me to ask you what they taste like? Your stitching is BEAUTIFUL!

  7. The etui is gorgeous! Love the colors. Aren’t Monique’s thread keepers the best? She’s one smart, talented cookie. The fresh fruit looks really yummy.

  8. You’re making great progress on your Cottage Etui. I took the class over 5 years ago, and have still not done as much as you have on it. Oops…

  9. Oh my goodness, Anne! That Cottage Etui is stunning! I hope that you are able to pull of finishing all of the stitching before you go. I think that you’ll be glad that you did. And all of that fruit. Wow! I’ve never seen so much except at the grocery store!

  10. Wow, Anne, your stitching is SO gorgeous – thank you so much for those close-up pictures! Gorgeous!

    And the fruit looked good, too!

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