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Tiny bit of stitching

I’ve been really tired in the evenings this week, so haven’t been game to tackle my CA Wells project … instead it’s taken me three whole nights to finish off The Sampler Lady by LHN.  Now the cooler weather has started to arrive, she’s been well overdue have her blouse put on.  At one stage, though, she looked like the Venus de Milo in reverse, with only half a sleeve done. (Sorry for the bad photos – I might try to take better ones at the weekend, as I’ve taken these without much natural light coming in!)

“The Sampler Lady” by Little House Needleworks
Stitched on 32ct Lambswool linen
using recommended threads (Crescent Colours and DMC)
but I changed the thread spools by using a satin stitch
for the cotton instead of cross stitch to make it more realistic


I haven’t been online at all really this week – wish I could say I’ve been stitching my little heart out instead, but life has just gotten in the way (mainly work life).  Mind you, it was really good to spend a couple of hours last night getting The Sampler Lady finished – it was the perfect end to a long and rigorous day spent writing up training procedures for a new product being launched.

Before I started stitching, however, I spent an hour on the phone to iinet to finally get a home ADSL broadband account set up and active … no longer will I have to rely on my little mobile internet connection (I’ve been having a few dramas with the providers of late ho-hum), but once we actually get the router connected, we can have wireless internet around the flat woohoo!!! 😀

Anyway, time to head to work, so I’d better run!!  I may not get online again this weekend, as I’m earmarked the entire weekend for sitting in my stitching chair, and catching up on taped TV programmes, while stitching my heart out on CA Wells’ Cottage Etui … less than 2 weeks left to go for the class now and barely started!  Oops …

10 thoughts on “Tiny bit of stitching”

  1. Hi Anne! I hope you get your wish of lots and lots of productive stitching time this weekend. Sounds like life’s been busy … here, too. I haven’t really stitched all week. It feels weird! LOL. I love how you’ve changed the thread spools to a satin stitch – I must remember that when I finally stitch this pattern. Happy weekend!!

  2. Congrats on a well-deserved finish!! It’s gorgeous. I love the contrast of the satin stitch to the cross-stitch. It’s so much more realistic in the spools and reflects the light. Here’s to a weekend of accomplished goals on your CAW projects. 😀

  3. I came thisclose to buying Sampler Lady yesterday on a trip to my LNS, but I resisted the temptation, as I had already added some overdyed linen and other goodies to my basket. One day…

  4. Your Sampler Lady looks wonderful! Congratulations on the finish. I especially like your closeup shot of the satin stitches in the spools of thread at the bottom. I hope that you had a great stitching weekend.

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