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On a roll … another finish under my belt!!

I think my needles are possessed!!  I can’t believe that I have yet another finish this week – I’ve been superglued to my stitching chair the last two days, and I’ve loved every single minute of it!  I had a hair appointment today to get my hair cut and coloured by a work colleague’s sister-in-law, and I almost cancelled due to feeling unwell during the week, but I’m glad I didn’t as I felt a fair bit better today … and I’m now sporting a new hairdo just past shoulder length – after not cutting my hair for almost 6 months, it was really ratty so we had a radical chop done, and I love it!  Just what the doctor ordered for cheering me up! 🙂

It also means by feeling better I should be able to drive over to Brenda and Nigel’s over the next two days to see my very best friend and her three children (one of whom I haven’t met yet), plus her Mum, as they’re over visiting from New Zealand.  It will be really wonderful to see her again, as I haven’t seen her for about 3 years now.

Rightio, on to my latest finish – this has taken me a full two days to stitch, which really surprised me … thanks mainly to all the many colour changes and over-one stitched faces I think (my heart sank when I saw all the over-one stitching to be done, ho-hum).  I’ve taken a couple of close-ups of the little frogs sitting in the cauldron, as well as the wacky hairdo in Kreinik braid – the colours literally pop right off the fabric, I just love the brightness of it!

“Another Girls Night Out” by Just Nan
Stitched on 32ct Vintage linen by Wichelt
using recommended threads



As for what’s up next for stitching, I really don’t know … I’ve been eyeing another couple of LHN designs up over the last 24 hours, either that or Drawn Thread’s Autumn Arbor that I’m really keen to start … I’m just really really loving stitching from my stash right now, and don’t want to stop the rhythm! 🙂

17 thoughts on “On a roll … another finish under my belt!!”

  1. Oh lovely, I love the hair…………….. and your hair sounds great as well. I always think the hairdresser is better than the doctor for making one feel good.

  2. They look fabulous and by the “green around the gills” look they must have had quite a night out. The colours are gorgeous. I’m glad you are feeling better and hope you enjoy the visit with your friend.

  3. I love this finish! I didn’t realize that the faces were over one, but Just Nan seems to be employing more over one in her designs lately, or so it seems. Thanks for the closeup shots of the details. 🙂

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