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Still living … just

Sorry I’ve been offline, but I literally haven’t opened up my laptop at home for just over a week and a half (a week last Saturday morning to be exact!).  I’m currently posting this really quickly at work before I head off home.  I’ve been flat out at work, then got a horrendous cold so I’ve been fighting that off over the last 4-5 days … I have, however, managed to get HEAPS of stitching done by starting and almost finishing LHN’s Winter Wonderland (just have one DMC colour that’s gone AWOL for now) and LHN’s Sampler Lady (just have the blue in the blouse left to stitch – and she’s so beautiful in real life!).  I’ve also just started last night the LHN/CC Blueberries kit, so that should be finished over the next couple of days hopefully.

I intend to ignore my computer for a while longer, although I will jump in at some stage and check emails, but at the moment it’s been nice to get some selfish stitching in instead, especially while getting over my viral bugs!

If you see my Photo Hunt posts they’ve all been pre-prepared for weeks now to take me pretty much into April/May, so even though I’m not online you’ll see at least one post per week for a while!

OK, time to shut down and head off home … late, just for a change!! 😦

14 thoughts on “Still living … just”

  1. Don’t forget to take time to breathe, Anne!!

    Can’t wait to see your stitching when you can post pictures. Till then, stay healthy!

  2. I just finished Sampler Lady – what a great little finish. I used GAST Old Blue Paint for her blouse, for a bit of variegation.

    Can’t wait to see your pictures. Don’t work too hard!

  3. I hope that you are feeling better now. Take it easy and enjoy your stitching. I hope to see some pictures sometime in the future. 🙂

  4. You may not get this message for a while… but have you been to your PO box lately? It has been weeks since I sent you a Priority Mail package… take care of yourself!!

  5. Take some time out to breathe, Anne – really deep breaths! Glad you’re getting some stitching in between all those work hours and a bout with the bug. Take care! 🙂

  6. I hope you feel better soon and it is always nice to spoil yourself with some oldfashioned stitching time\

  7. Great! Stitching time! Look forward to seeing the finishes when you get to the computer again. I’ve done Sampler Lady as well, last summer in Austria, in fact. Have you seen the new Nashville release “My Needle’s Work”?

  8. Stitching (esp. of the selfish kind) is a much better way to spend your time than browsing the internet anyway. It takes up so much precious time! I can’t wait to see pics of all of your projects, which sound great, by the way!

  9. Sorry to hear you’ve been ill but glad to hear you are enjoying some quality stitching time. I hope you share your work soon!

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