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A small happy dance

Yesterday’s plan of taking the day/afternoon off was a perfect one!  I did a lot of tidying up in my bedroom late at night, then today I’ve pulled out all stops and almost finished off the kitchen by packing away all the Tupperware and baking trays etc (believe me, the Tupperware in itself is a massive feat haha).  I also rearranged the lounge furniture today, and ironed the duvet and pillowcases to make Lisa’s bed up for her arriving tonight.  She won’t be arriving until about 8pm, after spending the entire day driving from Melbourne on her own, so at least she doesn’t have to worry about where she’s going to sleep when she arrives.  I’m also going to cook a roast chicken and baked potatoes with a salad ready for her arriving – and the wine has been chilling ever since the first day the fridge was switched on 😉

Anyway, following is the sum of my stitching efforts yesterday – it was a bit hampered by the fact my threads were all over the place, so I had to ‘un-kit’ a project to find the DMC 814.  The only GAST threads I had were Flax and Raspberry Parfait, everything else was substituted with a DMC equivalent.  It’s stitched on 28ct mystery Cashel linen (in a light taupe colour) from my stash – which means I’m now up-t0-date with the Christmas Ornie SAL on the XSers Yahoo group – yay 😀

“Fill With Love”
Designs by Cathy Jean
2007 Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue

I’m unsure what the next project will be … I should probably finish the Sweetheart Tree needleroll I started last week, then I think a wee LHN or CCN project might be in order before I start committing myself to my CA Wells class pieces – now I (will soon) have my own stitching space again, I guess it’s time to start tackling those class pieces when I can concentrate on them properly 🙂

Hopefully next week I’ll also have time to start sitting down and catching up on everyone’s blogs again! 🙂

25 thoughts on “A small happy dance”

  1. That’s a cute finish! I must stitch that one myself at some point. Glad you’re settling in OK 🙂

  2. What a thoughtful flatmate you are, lucky Lisa to be arriving to roast chicken and her bed made up! I’m glad you are getting settled and finding time to stitch, it’s lovely to think of you in a home of your own again.

  3. Lovely finish Anne! I’m doing this one too. I’m stuck on the pine branches, but your finish has inspired me to pick it up again.

  4. It’s great to hear that you’re getting all settled in to your new place 🙂

    Congratulations on a cute ornament finish!

  5. your welcoming dinner for Lisa sounded yum 🙂 good to hear that your settling in to your new place is going well after the stress of the moving in. Great choice for your ornie too.

  6. Sorry, Anne!! Got you confused with Annemarie! LOL Just the same, I send love and hugs and the same question about stitching place and light! LOL I was wondering what happened with An and why she suddenly moved to Aussie!!! Lol Hugs, Deb (DUH!!!)

  7. What a GEM you are – I hope Lisa arrived safely and enjoyed her dinner and her bed!

    I’m so glad you’re finally settled in your own place and can now make time for yourself. It’s such a lovely area although lots of hoons at the weekend….I used to do my shopping at hte 24-hour supermarket there 🙂 I love the restaurant that is in the building that used to be the baths…I am not sure if it is still there 🙂

    We’ll go – when I visit – trying to talk MOTH into drivnig up at Easter 🙂

  8. Lisa will be so grateful to snuggle into her bed! You’re a wonderful flatmate. 😀

    I love that little ornament! Gotta stitch that one for myself.

  9. What a sweet ornament! And it sounds like you have a warm welcome ready for Lisa when she returns!

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