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Focusing on the Positive!

The last few posts have been quite negative (perhaps understandably so), so it’s time to get back to seeing the positives.  Last night this is the view I had when I came into my new bedroom …


Yes, I actually found the screws etc quite quickly, and managed to put my bed frame etc together ready for bed-time.  It was an incredible feeling getting into a newy made bed (not just the bed frame, but the new sheets and duvet set I bought in the sales late last year – it’s unusual for me to have a light-coloured ‘girly’ duvet, as I’m usually into the brighter blue colours, but it’s a nice change) … I actually lay there in the bed just appreciating the feeling of being back in my own “things” again. It’s not intended that the ducks will stay there, but I don’t have anywhere else to put them just yet (there’s no room in that bathroom).

Another positive thing, is that I found out we can see the ocean from our balcony!  OK, fair enough, you have to squint hard to see it in the distance, but you really CAN see it! haha. See, we really ARE just a block away from the beach! 😀


And yet one more positive thing – I can’t get over being able to see proper TV channels again!!  We have a proper built-in aerial, unlike the other apartment in Elwood where I had to use bunnies ears and each channel had various degrees of ‘snow’ … every single channel I’ve managed to pick up so far in the lounge is crystal clear … I’m so impressed!! 🙂

Of course, things are still a pig-sty here while I’m unpacking … unfortunately it seems in every box there is something else broken.  I started taking photos the other day to share (mainly to show Mum), but now it’s getting to the stage where there are too many photos banking up … and still a few more boxes yet to be opened.  Thankfully to date there aren’t too many things that are of sentimental value or well-loved items that have been lost.  About 6 pieces of furniture have been broken in various stages … but some are fixable, and some items are cheap and nasty anyway so they need replacing – some of the crockery in the boxes have been the biggest affected … one Pyrex dish smashed into smithereens (it’s like little mosaic pieces wrapped into paper), and one cappuccino cup and saucer from NZ smashed … unfortunately not of the same set – my last remaining blue pottery cup that was a gift from a friend, plus the saucer of my very favourite cup set.  At least with the cappuccino cup I can go out and find another saucer that will fit it, as it has quite bright colours in stripes, so that shouldn’t be too difficult 🙂  The Pyrex dish was a chicken roasting dish that didn’t really get used, so I guess that just makes more space in the kitchen cabinets 😉

Work managed to give me the days off this week, which means I’ve had time to get over the emotional aspects of this move – my fighting spirit is also starting to return, and we’ve made the decision to definitely take our issue further.  I’ll be contacting the Fair Trading Assn again, plus checking to see of the Australian Consumers group have an area to report them to … but we’ve also found a website that gives product reviews of Australian companies, and we’re going to each write an individual report (including the other girl from work who had grief the week before us from the same company), which will give them an even worse rating.  I don’t feel angry or upset anymore, but I do feel that we need to let people know … if any of our feedback helps to cut back on the income derived by Dodgey Brothers R Us, then justice will be served.  Mum gave me a giggle yesterday when she said I should have known better by using a company with such a disreputable name … obviously that was a nickname I gave them myself – in due course I will fully disclose the company details!

The one thing I’m now having to reconsider is my birthday plans this year – originally I was looking at spending a day out in the Blue Mountains, doing the ‘touristy thing’, then finishing off with dinner somewhere … funds are now pretty thin, as I’m $400 extra out of pocket thanks to Dodgey Brothers, plus my mobile bill will be astronomical, so that’s probably an extra $300 coming … plus my car needs fixing … yikes!  Guess it’s back on the breadline again … anyway, if anyone has any suggestions for nice “cheap” things to do around Sydney, I’d really appreciate the ideas! I still want to have some sort of celebration making the most of what Sydney has to offer, just in case I don’t end up staying (although the thought of having to move again right now puts chills up my spine haha) 😀

Anyway, ending on a happy note … even though I haven’t lifted a needle at all since all the troubles began, I have managed to finalise my Needleroll Tutorial for the Focus on Finishing blog – and I’ve decided to release it ahead of time, as my time online is up and down (I’m only popping on when I need a quick break from unpacking) … so feel free to pop over and take a look – and don’t hesitate to let me know if something doesn’t make sense! I’ll be uploading it just as soon as I’ve published this post 😀

Hopefully by the end of next week there’ll some more stitching to share (in fact, hopefully by the end of this weekend!).

Thanks again for all the supportive comments – it’s truly helped me get through the last couple of days with sanity intact! {{hugs}}

13 thoughts on “Focusing on the Positive!”

  1. I’m glad to hear that things are starting to get back to normal for you! It’s a shame that there were so many things were broken, though…I would seriously consider sending them a bill for that! I am all for putting out the word about how they have wronged you. I have had some bad experiences with other service providers. Although I haven’t gotten to a positive personal resolution by putting the word out, it has made me feel much better just by warning others about these people.

    Your needlroll tutorial is wonderful 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing some great stitchy progress from you soon!

  2. It’s always a good thing to be able to sleep in your own bed! That makes things look so much better on the other side of the morning 🙂

  3. Anne, your ducks looks wonderful there. I know you are very happy to be back among your own things. Sounds like you have things in hand-it will get better!

  4. Congratulations on getting the bed together! Lovely view – wish I could see the ocean.. or really, anything other than snow right about now. So nice to see sun in your photos.. what is sun??

  5. WOW, what a fiasco you’ve gone through…I hope all that is in the past and you can move forward in your new home! Love the view ! Take care and best of luck – stitch on!

  6. It’s good to hear that you now have more positive thoughts about your move. Shame about broken china etc but as long as it not heirlooms they can be replaced. Great to see the ocean from your balcony. Your bed looks really comfy and the ducks look as though they belong there. Enjoy your new home with plenty of stitching thrown in.

  7. I’m glad you’re on the other side of this now. I actually love the rubber duckies on top of your headboard – cute!

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