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Just a tad speechless …

After spending the day at the flat unpacking my latest car-ful of belongings, washing all my new 12-setting cutlery set etc, and killing cockroaches in the kitchen and bathroom (only one in each, so not like an infestation!), I start driving home in the pouring rain only to be told via mobile phone that Dodgey Brothers Removals can’t get their stupid bl**dy truck up the driveway and can’t get to the storage unit … so it’s our responsibility to go hire a smaller truck from Hertz or Thrifty or somewhere and bring the stuff to the truck … bless Lisa, she told him to ‘get nicked’, and he’s looking at hiring a truck himself (which we are now having to pay for apparently) – not happy Jan!  They haven’t managed to fix it by closing time tonight, so the delivery may now be another day late … (I think I’ve spent more time on my mobile phone in the last two hours than I have in the last two months haha)

As for me, my blood pressure was soaring just a tad (not helped by taking a full 3 hours to drive home again ‘cos people don’t know how to drive in the rain ho-hum) … so I called into the supermarket on the way home and sat and ate an entire 100g chocolate block in the car … choccie is without a doubt the BEST comfort food EVER!!!  Now I’ve just had a nice warm shower, and I’m about to sit down with the largest and strongest Jim Beam & lemonade in history … {{heavy sigh}}.

Anyway, regardless, it’s my official moving day for me personally in the morning … only time will tell when the furniture will be moving in!!! 😦

13 thoughts on “Just a tad speechless …”

  1. Oh no Anne, that is just terrible, can’t get the truck up the driveway! I bet their dog used to eat their homework every week.

  2. I just saw the photos of the new place! Whoo Hoo! I’m excited for you!

    Such a pity that the movers are holding you up and putting a strain on what should have been the happy day.

    You’ll soon be in though, and stitching the night away, lol.

  3. I don’t suppose there’s anyway to can them and get someone else, beg your friends, etc., to do it yourself? What an awful stressful situation! I think you should wash that chocolate down with some hot cocoa with lots of whipped cream! Then have the JB/lemonade! {{{{{Anne}}}}}

  4. Hi Anne!!! I am so far behind in blogs, I feel terrible to be out of touch! Oh my gosh, speechless at the very least! It seems nothing about this move has really been easy…. I just hope you can get settled in and feel at home soon! Big hugs and wishes for you!

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