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A teensy bit of stash

Today I spent a wonderful few hours browsing and chatting with Karen at Dragonfly Dreams (soon to be renamed as The Stitching Post) in the Blue Mountains.  As always, I feel as though we’ve known each other for years, and feel really comfortable in their company.  I managed to come home with a few guilt-free goodies … guilt-free ‘cos I’ve finished the 50 project challenge!  I haven’t taken photos, as I can’t be bothered trying to find the camera right now and uploading the photos … I might update this post tomorrow with piccies if I get time … maybe 😛

Anyway, following are the goodies that followed me home today:

I’m really excited at the prospect of stitching again – since my last finishes I haven’t lifted a needle at all … while I’m here in Glenwood I usually only have the time and energy to put a few stitches in on Sunday nights.  By the time I do my 5 x 12-13 hour days, I’m ready to collapse in a heap on Friday night, and I’m sure if I did stitch, I’d just have to rip out all the errors again on Saturday, so I avoid it big-time!

In less than a week, though, I’ll be sat merrily stitching away until my hands are ready to drop off, and I really can’t wait – I’m so incredibly excited at the prospect of all the projects that I really really want to start (and also those that I want to finish).  I’ve even taken an extra day off work just so I can sit around all day and stitch for one day … I’ll have no furniture in the flat at that point, but I intend propping myself up against the wall, while sitting on my duvet inner and blow-up mattress, listening to DVD’s and/or talking books on the laptop, and celebrating the fact that I am no longer having to commute a million miles every week … I’m feeling all dreamy now just thinking about it!  As for the furniture truck, it can take its merry time to arrive, as then I’ll be flat out unpacking instead of stitching haha.

I’m looking forward to meeting a few more stitchers in Sydney in 2008 as well – and over the last couple of weeks I have been considering opening my flat up for a stitching day … I just have to work out how many people we can fit it as it’s such a small flat – it might not end up being an option, but it’s worth considering anyway.  It would be lovely to meet a few more stitchers up here – spending time in Karen’s company, surrounded by those wonderful goodies in the shop, makes me realise how much I adore being in contact with other stitchers.  I have been missing my good friends Tannia and Sharon very much over the last few weeks for that reason (although I’d love them if they weren’t actually stitchers!).

Rightio, time to head off and kit up a couple of ornies for our ornment SAL challenge on one of the Yahoo groups – I’m hoping to get one of the ornies stitched tomorrow night (or close to being stitched anyway), but it takes me forever to kit it up then start stitching, so much better to get organised in advance!  Plus I also want to kit up Ladybug, Ladybug (Little House Needleworks) – I’m itching to start the Sampler Lady by LHN, but I’m still waiting for the threads to arrive from back order … then once my Ladybug, Ladybug piece is finished I need to start some serious stitching on my CA Wells piece – so far I’ve managed a whole 2 flower heads, because I’m having to stitch in hand (need my sewing machine to sew on some side strips so it will go in the Qsnaps), and I detest stitching in hand.  That’ll be a much better project to start concentrating on when I settle into the new place.

Rightio, time to get cracking ‘cos I’m starting to get heavy-eyed … time to move the body … and maybe time to get a chilled glass of Chardonnay to help with resuscitation haha.

17 thoughts on “A teensy bit of stash”

  1. If I lived closer I would sit on the floor next to you and we could have a stitch a long. Where do you get the talking book from? thanks kathy

  2. Lovely stashing! Some great charts there. I went to a stitch-in today and we reminisced about the great time we had when we visited Dragonfly Dreams last year. I will make it over again one day. To be a stitcher in NSW is too live in paradise.

  3. You sound so fired up about getting back to stitching that you’ve got me all fired up too, lol. I want to just ignore the housework and chores and errands and get tore into my WIP’s!

  4. I’m so glad you were able to do some stash shopping and just drinking in the atmosphere of a nice stitch shop! The anticipation of your own living space is definitely evident and no one could blame you – and we’re almost as excited as you! 😀

  5. Hi Anne, sounds like a great time with Karen, and all you need to get inspired is a visit to a lovely stitching shop. Hope the next weeks flies by for you so it won’t be long before you’re in your own place happily stitching away. LHN Sampler Lady has been in my stitching basket for awhile now, just waiting for me to find a slot in my unorganised rotation, lol. Would you be interested in a SAl for it?

  6. I did the Sampler Lady on my summer holiday and thoroughly enjoyed it, and Ladybug Ladybug is on the list. Those LHN/CCN ones are addictive, it’s like “just one more little one”. Glad you have the priorities right, stitching first, unpack and furnish flat next! Seriously, though, after a few weeks without the horror commute, you will be feeling much better.

  7. It was so great having you up for a visit Anne. I look forward to getting together more this year. Count me in for a stutching day at your new flat and I will reciprocate at my place. I want to get to know some more stitchers in Sydney as well. Thanks again for the loan of your beautiful stitching!!!

  8. Isn’t Karen from Dragonfly Dreams great. When I go up there I tell myself that I’m not going to be there long and end up spending much more time there then I intended to. I’m glad to hear that you’re getting your sitching mojo back. My stitching class that I go to on a Monday night is a great place to meet like minded stitchers. Is there anything like that close to where you will be living. We are based at Campbelltown which is about 30-45 mintues South-west down the M5 from Mascot and we would love to have you come and visit us, but I’m not sure if it maybe too far for you after working a full day. Anyhow, it would be something to think about. Maybe you could email me and let me know otherwise we might be able to catch up some other time.

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