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PhotoHunt – Messy (& a snake)

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Here is a photo of Frankston beach – it’s a bit messy due to strong winds, and general rubbish that people have thrown away … litterbugs annoy me! Gotta feel sorry for that poor seagull too 😦



And now to freak my Mum out even further, here’s a photo of our infamous visitor on 23 December – he wanted to come join the party, but we were happy to give him the whole house to himself until the snake catcher appeared on the scene! Nigel took this photo as the snake catcher was disturbing it to get a good grip on him to pick him up. Welcome to the only red-bellied black snake I hope to ever see this close … ever! In fact, add all other venomous snakes into that mix as well !!!  I’ve actually had nightmares during the night a couple of times dreaming of snakes slithering over me while I’m sleeping, which certainly makes a change from spider nightmares – I hadn’t realised it’d freaked me out so much, but obviously my subconscious was freaked out big time!! 😮

Red bellied black snake

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