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Christmas with a Bite!

My mail has finally started arriving in Sydney, after having a detour into Melbourne first – which means my Quaker Friendship Sampler has arrived home at last. I have to admit, I prefer other choices of colours after stitching on everyone else’s samplers, but I do still love this one … with its bright cheery colour! I’ll have to wait to post a piccie, because I’ve left it at Brenda & Nigel’s. Actually, I might pop over to the SAL blog and see if I can snaffle a piccie that Becky took of the finished sampler (cool, thanks Becky for post that piccie so I can borrow it!!):

anne's quaker sampler

Which also brings me to another job that is way, way overdue … believe it or not, I haven’t forgotten that I have promised to give away my original chart, and I made a quick list of all the people who originally put their hands up to go into the draw. Well I can finally advise that Judith is the lucky recipient of this chart, and in the New Year I’ll get it into the post for you (it’s currently packed up, so just as soon as I can get to it, it’ll be on its way to you).


Thanks for your patience everyone who put their hands up to go into the draw!

Which brings me to the next one … after finishing It’s Halloween by The Drawn Thread, I’m putting that chart up for grabs now as well. It has slight creases in the chart, but the chart is totally legible – it is just showing the strain of all that travelling between house sitting jobs in Melbourne!! Anyway, please leave a comment that you’d like to put your name in the draw, I’ll pull another name out of the hat (or via the list generator, anyway), in a couple of weeks time.


Yesterday I spent the entire day in my PJ’s and managed to get loads stitched on Snapperville … and I have to say it was the most amazing comforting feeling to be stitching again.  I have really REALLY missed my stitching, and it helped to bring back a feeling of normality to my day.  Uunfortunately I don’t have any Weeks Dye Works Hazelnut thread, or DMC 434, here with me, so I can’t put the finishing touches to this piece.  Boohoo.  I may have to take it with me on Christmas Day to Brenda and Nigel’s where one of my other kitted up projects is holding DMC 434 so I can get it finished. Right now, though, I just have the door left to be stitched in the final block, along with the final part of the border (a few swirls and one more tree). Fingers crossed this will get finished before the end of 2007!


Today no stitching was done, but instead we had a very social occasion out at Kerry’s place (Brenda’s best friend).  Now, Mum, please do NOT read any more of this paragraph, as you’ll have nightmares for days!!!  Nicely fed on a lovely BBQ, a couple of us were still sitting outside chatting about our previous European travels, while the rest of the group were inside the house … all of a sudden the guy opposite me says “oh my goodness, there’s a snake!” – I turned around in my chair, and sure enough there was a bloody great snake slithering over the porch, and it disappeared straight through the door into the kitchen!  Thankfully no-one inside startled it, and no-one got hurt, but all of a sudden here was a mass exit of bodies coming back outside the doors carrying out all pets.  Next thing Chris (the husband) put his steel-capped boots on and armed with a spade went back inside to keep an eye on it, along with Nigel who was armed with his camera to help keep guard (I’ll put some photos up just as soon as I can get hold of copies).  A phone call was made for help, and eventually (about 3/4 hour later) the snake man arrived to remove the unwanted red-bellied black snake, who was about 5 feet long, and a very decent size in width.  It’s the first snake I’ve seen in the ‘wild’ since moving to Australia, and hopefully the last one!!!  It’s the first one Kerry’s ever seen, either, which makes me feel better that it’s not ‘normal’.  Anyway, it was rather exciting and gave us something to chat about for ages afterwards … not to mention the humour when I nearly peed myself as Nigel dangled a rubber snake in front of my nose shortly after – payback is going to be a bitch for him one day!! 😉

Anyway, after seeing a bit too much of Sydney’s nature, it was time to head back home to chill out and relax … and in case I don’t get chance before the “big day”, I wanted to make a very quick post to say ………




15 thoughts on “Christmas with a Bite!”

  1. Your finished RR is gorgeous Anne! I enjoyed seeing snakes when I was in Australia, but I definitely wouldn’t want to see a large venomous one not in an enclosure 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you too, and all the best for 2008!

  2. Did I win?? Wow I am making a happy dance now.
    I would also love to be in the draw for the halloween chart, loved that one as soon as I saw it on your blog.
    I hate snakes, so I a glad we don’t have them here.

  3. Hey Anne! Congratulations on being able to stitch again :o) Your Quaker sampler is gorgeous. It’s blue and I can’t believe you’ve decided you like some of the others better lol.

    OMG that’s a scary snake story. It’s a good job it’s not a normal occurrence. When we over here hear stories of the poisonous wildlife (mainly snakes and spiders) over in Aussie, it always seems to me as if it’s a regular occurrence to come across these things and it makes me wonder how people can live there comfortably. I have visions of everyone checking their clothes and shoes before they get dressed, checking the bed before getting in, under the loo seat etc. Now you’re laughing at me aren’t you lol :o)

    Have a lovely Christmas Anne and just think about all that wonderful stitching time you’ll have very soon, once you’ve moved nearer work!

  4. Oh my! I’m not sure I’d want a venomous snake wandering into the house. Glad no one (and no pets!) were hurt 🙂

    Lovely progress on Snapperville. I’m glad you’re having some stitching time 🙂

    A very Merry Christmas to you. Hope you have a lovely break and a great day.

  5. Glad that you are back stitching and loving it as well. WOW that snake episode is something that you could have done without, especially a venomous one. Your christmas message is lovely, wishing you a very Merry Christmas also Anne and the best New Year to come.

  6. Wow, the snake was a little scary-definitely a bite you don’t want! I love your RR’s color! I think it’s a great choice. Your Autumn snapperland looks great-you will have a happy dance before you know it! I am interested in the Drawn Thread chart-so please put in the mix. Thanks. I hope you have a wonderful and productive 2008 too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. Merry Christmas Anne! I hope to catch up more on your blog now that I am on holiday. And I have that email of yours to answer too 😉

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