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A very quick post before I get dressed to head out to the post office … I haven’t made mention of how the new job is going, so here goes …

Work is OK – to be honest I’m still unsettled where that’s concerned, but it’s more to do with the circumstances than anything else.  The problem is that there are so many projects and changes happening in our department, and resources are so thin, that I haven’t had much time for someone to sit with me and show me the ropes.  I keep getting taking into this meeting and that meeting so that I can get an overview of what’s happening around the place, but that just seems to be confusing me more when I’m not technically involved in the project work itself.

Last week there was one person supposed to be sitting with me, but she kept getting interrupted – but she was the only staff member available as the other two were on training courses all week (plus they’ve been accepted into a new department, so they’ll both be leaving anyway shortly hmmm).  It will get better once I can get my head around what it is that I should be doing.  I was doing some computer testing of a new computer integration system last week for a while, so at least that was something – then inbetween times I potter and try to answer the simpler queries that come through that I don’t need help to answer.  I must say, though, it’s an extremely friendly team I’m working with, and the office environment is great!  And it’s quite nice not to be chained to a phone anymore! 😀

The first couple of days I felt like a fish out of water – it was a culture shock to move from a staff of about 400 to a staff of probably 1000’s.  Moving from an office building of 2 dedicated floors, to an area housing 5 separate office blocks, all housing my company’s staff … that was a shock in itself!!  I most definitely felt like a very little fish in a very large pond!!  It’s been wonderful meeting people that I’ve been dealing with over the phones for years – one girl came over and introduced herself with a big kiss and a hug … she used to work in the job I’m now doing, and we had a great rapport – she’d sing “take the shackles off my feet so I can dance…” to me and we’d both have a giggle.  Anyway, I’m sure as time goes on the work will get more interesting as I can contribute more to the team … and learn the ropes a bit more.  I’d better hurry up as two new team members are likely to be joining us very very soon, and in January I’ll be one of the longest serving members of the team … hahahaha.

Rightio, it’s now 8.04am, which means it’s time to jump into the shower and get dressed – for today I open up a PO Box so I can start receiving all those bills that have been piling up in Melbourne.  I still need to get to the Mascot PO at some stage after opening my account today to pick up the actual keys, though – but one of the other girls at work also moved from Melbourne and has a PO Box there too, and she’s offered to pick up my mail for me at the same time if I give her a key (she drives to/from work) … I might take her up on that offer, as I think it will be a good half hour round trip for me to walk there and back at lunchtime, and in winter it will be fine, but right now it’s stinking hot and sticky …

And that reminds me of another difference between Melbourne and Sydney – the weather!  Melbourne is well known for its four seasons in one day … Sydney, I realised on my first day here, is like Auckland to me but with much higher temperatures.  Sydney is more ‘sub-tropical’ in that it has a high humidity level.  The first few days here nearly killed me, and we’re not even in the height of summer yet – yikes!  Thank goodness for airconditioning, is all I can say!!  I dunno how I’ll survive when I move into a place with no aircon …

Rightio, time to get moving to the Post Office – then my next challenge is to find some new sandals/shoes for work and two new tops (my summer clothes are still goodness knows where in my storage unit in Melbourne ho-hum) – then I’m settling in front of the TV or my laptop to watch a DVD or two and stitch … my goal to finish blocks 1 and 2 of Snapperville, as I’m really close to doing that … that will then leave me only 2 blocks left before it’s finished yippee 😀

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  1. You’ll definitely have to let me know your new PO Box #, Anne.

    I’m sure that things will settle down soon on the job front, but I can imagine that it’s a culture shock – even though Sydney technically isn’t that much larger than Melbourne, I know it feels so much bigger.

  2. Ah yes, speaking of that PO Box, can you drop me an email when you’ve the time? I need to know where to send your Christmas card! 🙂

    Going from 400 to thousands must be utterly mind-boggling! Before moving over here, I’d never worked anywhere with even 100 employees (and my last job in the US had only 5 in the company!) … my first job here was a company with about 1000 employees. I was utterly thunderstruck. Good luck getting the ropes down, and I’m happy to hear you’ve got such a friendly bunch there to show you around!

  3. You’re having to adapt to so much right now, but I know you’re more than up to the challenge, Anne! Continued good luck in learning the ropes. 🙂

  4. It always takes a while to settle in a new job but it sounds like you’re doing well for the amount of time you’ve been there. I wouldn’t like all that commuting – urgh. You had any luck finding a flat/apartment?

  5. I’m sure you’ll setlle in soon 🙂 If you don’t – you can always come back HOME 🙂

    I’m so jealous you got to see Karen and DFD…my favourite place in the world and two of my favourite people!

    Email address at work still the same?


  6. My father in law always tells me that if you don’t feel like you’re going to get fired (or are absolutely ready to quit) for the first six months of a new job, you’re not being challenged enough. So good luck, and happy adjusting!

  7. Hi Anne! I am so sorry – I owe you an email reply! I am so far behind with all blogs and emails right now – my stitching commitments are massive and I am just sitting and stitching..and super quick blogging. I feel like crap. Anyhow, I wanted to pop in and visit you a little this morning! I hope the job situation does settle down soon! {{{HUGS}}} And, I will reply to your email very soon – am at work and it is not with me right now.

  8. Just keep listening and absorbing things will get easier, sounds like a great positive change. But you probably need to stick to a place with aircon when you move. Happy Stitching

  9. Oh you must get a place with airconditioning when you move, it would be so hot and sticky in summer without it…. impossible to stitch. I meant to tell you that I drooled over the pictures of Dragonfly Dreams, nothing like that on this little island. All those threads….

    Hope work settles down a bit… when I started with my current company, still in Australia, I became the manager of a group very unexpectedly about three months after joining, because everyone else had moved on, and I was the only one left – I felt just as you are describing in this post! But hang in there, good things happen to those who persevere.

  10. Be patient it may take you a little while to find your feet with the new job, but watch out Sydney when you do!! Glad that you are managing to do some stitching, the commute sounds like torture.

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