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Katoomba & Blue Mountains

First of all, my apologies if this post is a bit ‘abrupt’, but I’m pretty shattered … I do want to put our ‘journey to bed’, though, so here goes …

The final expedition of Mum and I was last Tuesday – my final day of freedom before starting work on Wednesday … I was originally going to drive to Katoomba, but needed to drive to the train station to pick up a timetable and work out where I’ll need to park my car etc for the commute into the city.  In the end we opted to take the train into Katoomba instead of driving – and I have to admit I do regret the decision!  It would have taken us approx 1 to 1 1/2 hours to drive there, but instead we were on the train for almost 3 hours (there were some track works, it seems, which slowed things up a wee bit) – it was a lovely train trip, but very very loooooong.  Coming home was a much shorter 2-hour trip!

I’m very glad we decided to head out there, though – I really wanted to take Mum to see Karen and the shop at Dragonfly Dreams (as well as being very keen myself to say “hi” in person).  It was a very hot day, and Mum and I walked from the station to the shop … when we got there I was thrilled at what a wonderful haven Karen has put together – we loved every minute of being there!  Karen was an exceptional hostess, and it is so easy to chatter away to her as if we’re long lost friends, instead of strangers … and every room we entered at Dragonfly Dreams I’d say “but wait, there’s more!!!” … every room hosted a treasure trove of goodies … sheer bliss to a stitcher’s soul! 😀

After spending a couple of hours with Karen, Mum and I headed off with goodies in hand to the end of the street where we were most impressed with the sight of the Three Sisters.  Unfortunately by the time we got down there it was too late to do any of the tourist trips, but we enjoyed the scenery for a while before starting the arduous trek back to the train station again.  Brenda has offered to go with me again one weekend to do the cable car trips with me … which is awesome!

Following are some photos of the Three Sisters – and the first one shows the cable that the cablecar travels over … with a glass bottom car!!!  I might need a stiff drink to get into it, but it’s just gotta be done one day!! 😉




We got home around 8pm, and just had time to eat dinner before having to hit the hay for bed – and thus it has been ever since I’ve started work!  On the previous weekend, though, I did actually have time to put a couple of stitches into fabric, and finally managed to finish off It’s Halloween by The Drawn Thread.


Here endeth the fun part of moving to Sydney … from now on the drudge begins … 😉

I’ll tell you about the arduous task of getting to and from work another day – ‘cos it’s now almost bedtime … already! 😦

5 thoughts on “Katoomba & Blue Mountains”

  1. Lovely pictures – glad you had a good time. I had a friend who grew up in Lithgow in the Blue Mountains – we went there one weekend when I was in high school – caught the train from Canberra. Your blog brings back such good memories! I met a young university student studying medicine. A little older than me, of course, but pretty cute. My dad didn’t want me getting serious – I wonder if he regrets it now – I could have been a doctor’s wife LOL 🙂

  2. So glad you had fun visiting Karen, The Three Sisters are amazing just in the pics it must be awsome in person. Try not to let the work struggles get you down to much. Great Halloween sampler, congrats on the finish.

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