PhotoHunt – I Love …

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It’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing that I Love … so I’ve chosen three different things …

“I Love … my Mum” – she’s always there when I need her, albeit it across the ocean … she’s my friend, my mother, my role model, and I feel blessed to call her my Mum 😀

mum 2

“I Love … Ducks!!” – no need to say anything else … I can’t explain why, but I’ve always been drawn to them, both the feathered and immitation kind – a girl can never have enough ducks!!


And lucky last … “I Love … a Jim Beam and L&P” at the end of a long day – unfortunately L&P is like gold dust over here, as it’s imported from New Zealand, but it means I savour it when I get my hands on it!


Actually, I just thought of one more to add …

“I Love … Melbourne!!” – this photo is taken at the waterfront of Docklands, with the Telstradome arena in the background.

docklands 1

3 thoughts on “PhotoHunt – I Love …”

  1. Great pictures – I can’t believe how much the skyline of Melbourne has changed since I lived there (we left in September ’92).

  2. Hi Anne,
    We have a shop quite close to where I live that sells goods from New Zealand and the Pacific Islands due to the large numbers of poeple originally from there now calling my part of the world home. I will have to get some for you for when we eventually catch up with each other now that you also reside in sunny Sydney.

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