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Arrived in one piece!

Here we are in Sydney … 1190 km after leaving Melbourne, we’re really here!!  In fact we arrived on Saturday night, but I haven’t had time to post until now.  It was a great trip, with some exquisite scenery and wildlife that we encountered along the way.  Parts of the trip were a bit boring, but you’ve gotta expect that driving across such a vast land mass.  I’ll share a few photos of the journey just to give you a tiny taste of what we saw etc in another post (in fact, I think I’ll do a few separate posts to make uploads easier).

Firstly, though, I want to share some words of belated thanks to Jenna, my northern twin … weeks and weeks ago she sent me the most awesome card in the technique of quilling, and I just love it to death.  I was parading it around the office showing it to anyone who would stand still long enough, then had it sitting on my desk all day.  Unfortunately it arrived on the day when I was moving housesitting jobs and it got packed away – and I couldn’t blog about it immediately as I didn’t have internet access at the time.  I did take a photo that night, but in no way does it do it justice (I really should take another photo in daylight!).  I can finally share it, though … isn’t it the most perfect thing for a duck lover like myself?  I just adore it to bits!!  I’m going to get a wee frame for it to keep it protected – thanks so much again Jenna, I totally adore it! 😀


Rightio, now back to the travelling news etc … in fact, I think I’ll do a separate post for each day, and I’ll start off with snippets from our final week in Melbourne.

As I’ve already mentioned, we managed to get to see Tannia and Bill performing the week before we left – it was a wonderful listening experience, and the time flew past.  I have to say the food was also great – and the company just as great.  Thanks again Tannia for your friendship – while we only start meeting each other recently, I hope the friendship continues, and I look forward to the day when we can catch up once again 😀

On the Sunday before we left, I took one more day of annual leave so Mum and I could have a “free day” to go back out to the Mornington Peninsula and Arthur’s Seat to see how the gardens have changed, and see the roses in bloom.  It was absolutely pelting down with rain, and I found out later there were flood warnings out past the area where we were … but we decided to brace ourselves and get out in the abysmal weather and still have an enjoyable day out.  The winds were quite blustery so Mum’s umbrella ended up inside out a couple of times – and she was holding two umbrellas over me while I tried to take some photos of the roses – we didn’t let the weather get us down, and we had a really lovely time together as always.  I’m very lucky to have a really close relationship with my Mum!  Here are some photos I took that day … including a funny one of Mum!

Ashcombe Lavender Gardens & Maze
Of course we couldn’t go and not sample the rose petal scones – which were divine! (plus some plain ones)



I think this one is from the Myrtle family?




Of course I got all excited when I saw a row of ducks waddling in formation across the lawn – I finally managed to get a quick photo when they stopped for a bit of preening!




Enchanted Maze Garden
It was nice to see the cottage garden all filled in with flowers, and leaves on the trees 🙂



And the piece de resistance:


On the way home we called in to see our good friend Sharon, along with Pete and Erin – as always it’s a pleasure to spend time with them … Sharon was the first stitching friend I made in Melbourne, and it was sad to say goodbye – but it’s not for good as Sharon is hoping to come visit me in Sydney, which will be wonderful!  Both Mum and I adore her, and even though we didn’t see each other that often, I will miss being able to pop over and say “hi”.  Sharon spoilt me rotten with some farewell gifts, which I forgot to take a photo of, and everything is now packed up – as soon as I unpack everything again, I’ll take a piccie – I especially adore the birdie ornament, it took my breath away – but everything was very thoughtful and touching … Erin kindly took a photo of the three of us ladies together – I’ll check that Sharon is OK to add the photo to the blog and hopefully I’ll be able to post that later as well 🙂

OK, that’ll do for today – there’s so much more to write, but I have to run to get ready as we’re heading out to catch a train to Katoomba today.  Dragonfly Dreams, here we come!! 😉

6 thoughts on “Arrived in one piece!”

  1. Oooh have fun at Dragonfly dreams – it is a beautiful shop!

    Glad to hear you have arrived safely in Sydney. Those are some gorgeous pix of the gardens – just beautiful. And another great pic of your Mum! She’s a good sport!!

  2. I’m so glad you are safely in Sydney. Have fun shopping and hunting for a new home.

    I think the purple tree in your picture may be a Jacaranda:
    “Jacaranda is a genus of 49 species of flowering plants in the family Bignoniaceae, native to tropical and subtropical regions of South and Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The genus name is also used as the common name.”

    They are more common in Brisbane, but we have them in Las Vegas where it is hotter (and much, much colder).

  3. Fantastic photos! I love the one of your mum 🙂 And the roses and flowers look gorgeous. I see you put the jam on your scones before the cream though – you obviously don’t come from my bit of the UK! LOL 😀

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