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Going offline for about a month

This is just a really rushed post before I lost access either tonight or tomorrow.  Depending on what the flights are looking like, Lisa will be returning home either late tonight or tomorrow.  I went out to meet the dog and house I’ll be looking after next last night, and I won’t have internet access there – I’m there for two nights Fri/Sat this weekend, then back out to Seaford for 4 nights, then back out to the same house again for 3 weeks.  It turns out it’s not in Balwyn, but in Pascoe Vale South … groan … will be a pain in the neck getting to work ho-hum.  Oh well, c’est la vie …

Hopefully by the time I get back online again I’ll have another finish (or two) – if anyone needs to contact me, just drop me an email to work if you need a relatively quick response … otherwise I might see about hitting an internet cafe in a fortnight to clear out emails (or borrow a supervisor’s internet access at work to sneak a peek via the webmail page).  If you want my work email address, try contacting Carol (Garden of Stitches blog), Nicki (Plush blog) or Barbara (Mainely Stitching blog), as they have it handy (I’d rather not post it on here for privacy reasons).  Sorry, but I don’t have time to add the links, as I’m racing to get this done, get ready for work, and do a quick spot of packing/cleaning all in half an hour!

Rightio, off I go again – it’s gonna be a loooooong day today with yet more overtime and sitting next to my buddy in training – she’s struggling a bit with her confidence, so I’ve asked them to let me have another day sitting with her … hopefully it’ll help …

Have a great few weeks … 😀

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