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Oops, I forgot … more enabling! (updated)

You can blame this little bit of enabling on Cindy – thanks for bringing it to my attention, Cindy … one more for the wishlist!! 😉

This is actually a slightly different design than the previous one by Maryse – and I have to say I think it would look exquisite in other monochrome colours as well (DMC 115 would be especially gorgeous in that rich red) … me thinks I’m going to have to cave in for this one at some stage as well – even though I’ve already bought the first one! One can never have too many trays, right?? LOL 😀

le plateau de la brodeuse monochrome


(Updated to add:)

*** Amy if you want to order it, there is a previous post I made about her last design, that has the ordering info on it here.
You just send a PayPal payment to Maryse (I think this one is also EUR10.00) and she emails you the chart .pdf files (they’re in French, but easy to follow).  Just don’t forget to tell her exactly which chart it is you’re wanting, as they’re both a “plateau de la brodeuse” chart … this one is the monochrome one.
Anne ***

9 thoughts on “Oops, I forgot … more enabling! (updated)”

  1. Oh wow wow! It looks really gorgeous and soooo beautiful with DMC 115!
    It’s more sophisticated than the original one, I think!
    Actually I wanted to order this too, so your information in English really helped me!

  2. Wow, Anne! This is spectacular ! 😀

    Congrats on finishing that plastic canvas project. It’s cute enough, but I agree with you that plastic is awful to stitch on. Much prefer my lovely linens!

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