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CA Wells & Embroiderers Guild of America

I forgot to say the other day that my first CA Wells kit arrived, along with the latest two of my Group Correspondence Courses from the EGA. Here is the kit for CA Wells’ Sailor’s Valentine:


The latest projects to arrive from the Embroiderers Guild are as follows:

GCC To the Acorn by Pat Krahn


GCC Winterspring by Judith D Gulick


I must say these Group Correspondence Classes through the EGA are really good value for money – as well as being some exquisite projects, they are a perfect addition to any library, as the instructions are really useful (and extremely thorough) for other projects. I have two more yet to arrive later in the year, which are:

GCC Swiss Sampler by Ilse Altherr

GCC More Options in Hardanger by Dale Sokolow

And I’ve got numerous projects in the wings from previous years … I really must pull my finger out and get cracking on some of these! As well as the following, I also have a class on Schwalmwork and one on Ukrainian Whitework (which are both retired now, so I can’t find a piccie to share).

GCC Beginner’s Hardanger by Marion Scoular

GCC Options in Hardanger by Dale Sokolow


GCC Casalguidi & Lavender by Barbara Kershaw


GCC Crewel Confidence by Judy Jeroy


GCC Finishing with Flair by Marion Scoular


GCC Gracie by Ganet Burr

These next three are the only ones I’ve completed to date:

GCC Lace Ribbons by Dakota Rogers
GCC Lace Ribbons by Dakota Rogers

GCC Blackwork in Red and Green by Ginger Gouger Miller
Blackwork in Red and Green, by Ginger Gouger Miller

and my absolute favourite to date:

GCC Chess Anyone? by Dale Sokolow
(I really do need to try and take a better photo of this one as the piccie does no justice to it whatsoever)
Chess Anyone? - class by Dale Sokolow

As you can see, there’s still no stitching progress to be had … I’ve been spending the day cuddled up in my PJ’s in front of the computer screen, preparing the next round of Photo Hunt posts – apart from two weeks, I’m now totally prepared right up until the end of February, yippee.

Stitching-wise, I just put the final stitches into outside border of the French Monogram Collection III biscornu by Judith Tuttle (Twisted Oaks designs) last night at work … only to find out I’m out somewhere and the final corner doesn’t line up – let’s just say I’m going to ignore it for a short while, ‘cos I hate to think how much frogging that’s going to entail … especially as I’m stitching in DMC 115 and the colour seems to stick to the fabric a wee bit ho-hum. Note to self, when doing a design like this, stitch a grid from all four sides and all four corners to save your sanity!! 😦

Oh well, at least I still have plenty of projects on hand to choose from instead … I was about to say I might head of now and put a few stitches in, but it’s now well after midnight … the joys of coming off of nightshifts, trying to get settled back into a ‘normal’ routine hmmm. Mind you, I’m on 4pm-midnight shifts all next week as well, so perhaps it’s a good thing to keep in ‘evening’ mode …

Rightio, on that note I’m off to play for an hour with a needle and thread … and dratted plastic canvas!

17 thoughts on “CA Wells & Embroiderers Guild of America”

  1. Oh wow, there are some gorgeous project there. Get that needle smoking girl and get some of them done! :o)

  2. What lovely projects!!! I really need to join EGA, don’t I?! I love love love the Sailor Valentine. It will be gorgeous! You’d better get cracking on all of these!

  3. If these projects don’t encourage us to join the EGA, nothing will! Wow! Perhaps I’ll put that on my list of “retirement” gifts for when I retire from homeschooling. 😀

  4. The CA Wells piece looks absolutely fabulous!

    I have a few GCC’s in my collection that I really need to finish as well. They are all so fabulous! There were models up for all of them at seminar last week, and it is so hard to resist collecting a few more 🙂

  5. I’ve just been catching up with you and have left a couple of comments on your other photos and things, but I couldn’t leave without commenting on your incredible capacity for stitching!! God, I wish I could achieve so much…ah shaddup – I sound like a broken record, I know!
    I was at the Guild Exhibition today and one of the committee members asked me if I knew anyone else who had a stitching blog, and is a member of the EGV. Mine is the only link they have on their website at the moment, and they are looking for more. I thought of you immediately – please do consider it, as your blog has far more than mine to offer EGV members! The only thing you need to do is put a link to the EGV on your blog.

  6. Anne!!! So great to catch up with your new enterprises! Love your stitching choices. I’m an EGAer and ANGer. Dakota Rogers’ pieces are gorgeous irl. I’ve taken her workshop. You’re the best, Anne!!

  7. Hi!!!
    I love tou work!! Mostly de blackwork pieces, so beatyfull!! How I can print de images? If not is much trouble of you, please write me and explained me how I do!


    Cidália – Portugal

    PS.: My english is very bad, please forgive me!!

    1. My sincere apologies for the oversight, Dakota – not sure what happened there! I’ve now updated the post with the correct designer, and ensured your ‘real’ design was correctly labelled (which, thank goodness, it was). Kind regards, Anne S

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