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But wait, there’s more! …

I’ve managed to get my unread blog feeds down to just under 600 today … but during the process managed to find out that some of the coffee series charts have been released by Little House Needleworks – so off to the wishlist they go … haha. Can’t wait for the tea ones to come out as well!! 😀




And I’m being really REALLY bad … I’m sending off for Maryse’s design today via Paypal … it’s futile to resist, so I’m just going to bite the bullet and order it!  Sorry, what was that I just heard??  A what???  Oh!  What happened to my 50 Project Challenge??  Oh well, I guess I’m just taking another project onto the end of it again … haha.  Hey, this whole process is supposed to be fun, right?  Well, this most definitely IS fun – and this project is a definite “must have”!! ;P

(Updated to add:  I now have Maryse’s chart in my hot little hands … how’s THAT for service???) 😀

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  1. OSL will have the coffee/tea charts. I already wrote to Sharon to get on the list. Who cares about the 50 project challenge. I can’t even do a 10 project challenge correctly. Life is for living!

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