PhotoHunt – Music


This week’s theme is “Music” – the first photo I’ve chosen is from Fiji when we first started visiting … on this particular day the boys (Joe is on the left, and Akuila on the right) made me come and sit and sing with them – then they stopped singing so I had to sing solo for a short while … just before I throttled them! 😉 Elton John would be crying if he’d heard my murdering of his wonderful song LOL. One of the highlights of my Fijian trips was listening to the ‘band boys’. The second photo is one I quickly snapped of a local busker in Acland Street, St Kilda.

4 thoughts on “PhotoHunt – Music”

  1. Ann I truly enjoy your photos! I have to say I love the one you got of the busker its candid, the type of photo I tend to love! I really need to snap more pictures myself. I carry my camera all the time but I don’t pull it out enough!

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